Frequently Asked Questions
What is Vintelli?

Vintelli is an innovative online marketing tool that allows businesses and individuals to establish a strong web presence, you are given the opportunity to create your own business listing and give others valuable information about your website or company. Vintelli is designed to help customers search for any local business and service information Vintelli uses its own unique algorithm to generate Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI score) for each business listed on the site

he best thing about Vintelli is that, it makes business local search simple, short and pleasant.

How Vintelli is different from major Local Listing Websites?

operation dashboard with multiple features and functionality support like CSI Score Badge, Competitive Intelligence, QR Code, Social Media Integration, Survey Results and Business Page Statistics.

How can I List my business in Vintelli?

Register yourself in the website. Once you fill out the registration form and click to submit it, you will receive further assistance that will guide you throughout the process.

I have a Business already listed in Vintelli. How can I claim it?

Go to the details page of your business and click on the “Claim Your Business” button. Follow the steps accordingly.

Types of payment accepted?

At present Vintelli accepts payment through All International Credit Card.

How to cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please get in touch with us. Mail us at

What is Vintelli Customer Satisfaction Index Badge?

Every local business registered in Vintelli is provided with a Vintelli CSI or the Customer Satisfaction Index Badge. Your CSI badge is displayed on your business page. The Vintelli CSI score is the first of its kind authoritative statement, which customers can rely upon for qualifying results with satisfaction.

How Vintelli calculates the Index Score in Customer Satisfaction Badge?

Vintelli has its own algorithm to calculate the index score of the Customer Satisfaction Badge. To learn more click here.

How can I download and embed the Badge and use in my website, social media profiles?

To Download the the CSI Badge of your business , right click on the badge and click on “ Save Image as” and the CSI badge will download . To find the embed code of the badge Login to the Vintelli Dashboard and click on “ My Badge” to get the code

Can I edit my Business Information in Vintelli?

Yes, you can edit your business information straight from Vintelli’s Intelligent Dashboard. Once you log in, click on the ‘Business’ option located on the left side of the Dashboard. You will be taken to the page from where you can make the edits.

What will I see in my Business Dashboard?

Everything that you need to keep your online business reputation management smooth and active. The Dashboard provides a single platform from where users can manage their online reputation and customer interactions across different social sites. Some of the social sites where you can integrate your accounts with Vintelli are Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Other than this, you can monitor your business page performance using features like ‘Survey Results’ and ‘Competitive Intelligence’. There is a ‘QR Code’ option that allows users to share their business information with clients online. You can also view your CSI badge number by clicking on the ‘My Badge’ option from the Navigation bar. Our technical support team is always ready to be at your service and that is why we have added a ‘Support’ option so that you can reach us whenever you need help. If you ever feel like your business page information needs moderation, you can easily go ahead and edit from the ‘My Business’ and ‘My Account’ options.

Can I integrate my social profiles in Business dashboard?

To integrate the Social Media Profiles, just log in to the Vintelli Dashboard page. You will find the ‘Social Integration’ option on the Navigation bar, located on the left hand side of the dashboard. Follow the options to integrate your Social Media Accounts accordingly.

Can anyone give me suggestions on how to improve my business?

Sure! Vintelli has its own Business Consultant to help you improve your online business performance. Just shoot us a mail at and our consultant will be there at your service.

What is Profile Page QR Code?

With the Profile Page QR Code, you can share your business information with people on various social platforms and invite them to check your business service out. This is a unique way of reaching more customers through short time advertisement strategy. All that your customer has to do is scan the QR code. Apart from that, you can also offer special service discounts using your Profile Page QR Code.

How to get support for any issue?

Vintelli has its own dedicated customer support team. Log in to Vintelli Dashboard and on the left side of the navigation menu, click on the ‘Support’ option. Type in your message along with any attachments if required and send it across to us. Our team will be there to help you out.

Can I use Vintelli for my client?

Definitely! Take the help of Vintelli to satisfy your clients. To know more, mail us at at

Can I add multiple clients from one dashboard?

To avail this feature mail us at at

Does Vintelli have any mobile app support?

Our Vintelli App is available for iPhone, Android and Windows OS platforms.

1. How can I add survey for any business?

Type in the name of the business in the search bar and then click to search. Once the business you want to review appears, click on the ‘write a review’ button to put in your comments.

2. Do I need to register for publishing my reviews for any business?

Yes, you may register yourself first before you can publish a review for any particular business. You can also login using your social media account and then submit your review.

3. Will my review get published instantly?

When you submit a review, Vintelli takes it through further analysis and moderations before publishing it online.

4. Does Vintelli create a user profile for a Reviewer?

Yes, when you register yourself or log in with your social media profile, Vintelli instantly creates a user profile for you using the information that has been provided from your side.

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