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Use Visuals To Boost Your Local SEO Campaign
By Jeet Banerjee | July 5, 2013

As the owner of a local business, it’s very obvious that you’d want a greater number of local people to find you in Google and other search engines. And not only just find you, but also share (and spread) information about your business with friends and followers. We all know about how local SEO strategies can help your website attain a higher ranking in the SERPs, but it is the inclusion of attractive visuals which will make your website worth remembering, or simply put, worth a thousand clicks.

Before we proceed any further, let’s take a look at some of the recent piping-hot news:

  • Introduction of Google Carousel which shows a row of related images at the top of the local search results.
  • Launch of the AdWords Images Extension which introduces the feature of image inclusion in paid listings of advertisers.
  • The 6-second videos of Vine, and the 15-second videos of Instagram.
  • Newest feature in Facebook which enables users to include images in comments.

Visuals make things more appealing and interesting, and this is the reason why the world of marketing is inclining towards them. The statement got solidified when recent reports revealed that more than 500 million photos are uploaded and shared on leading social media platforms daily.

In order to rope in local customers and increase the rate of lead conversion, it’s imperative that you start integrating visuals into your digital marketing strategy. The use of visuals is going to greatly help in your local SEO campaign too.

Let’s look at some of the best tips to help you get started:

#1. Use High-quality Images: What makes a content more sharable? Information for sure; but it has to be images too. Interestingly, Google Carousel have decided to display those images which generate the highest number of clicks. So be it the Facebook page or Google+ account of your business, make sure that you post only HD images of your products or services.

#2. Encourage Customers to Create Visual Content: Nowadays, you’ll hardly find any mobile device without an in-built camera. This is the reason why over 500 million photos get uploaded in social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest. So, why will you be the only one focusing on visually promoting your local business? Let your customers also take part! Encourage them to take pictures using their mobile devices, and then share their experiences across the social media platforms.

#3. Clear Titles and Alt Texts: It’s not archaic to use titles and captions in videos and images. Rather it helps both visually-impaired visitors and the search engines to understand your content.

#4. Keep the Videos Simple: “A picture is equal to a thousand words” – this is the ultimate truth. A couple of high-quality and meaningful images is easier to grasp than a lengthy article. And same holds true for videos as well. Recent reports have shown that the videos whose lengths are less than 15 seconds are shared 37% more than the longer ones. So, include short and interesting videos in your site which gives out a simple and clear-cut meaning.

It is clear that web visitors have started giving greater priorities to local websites which use improved visuals. And as your goal is to capture the attention of a greater amount of audience, you should start using better images and videos.

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Jeet Banerjee is a 19 year old serial entrepreneur, tech expert, author, blogger, consultant, and college student. He has created numerous startup companies and spends his time profiting from purpose. He is an expert in the internet marketing field and has helped many businesses find success online.

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