5 Ways Which Can Help You Improve Your Local SEO

Small local businesses are mainly the brick-and-mortar stores. The growing importance of social media and SERP rankings have made them take the plunge into the world of the Internet, as competing with both small-scale and large-scale business rivals have become mandatory.

The ultimate goal of small local businesses is targeting and capturing the local customers. To their relief, the concept of “local SEO” has gained an abundance prominence in the online sphere. If done correctly, local SEO helps in bringing a business to the top of the SERPs when searched with relevant “local” keywords. And thus, it increases the chance of gaining greater exposure and converting higher leads.

Here are 5 things which you can do to improve your local SEO:

Location in the Title Tag

When people search for a local business online, it is very obvious that they type the location. For example, a resident of Denver is not likely to just Google “Parking Lift”. Instead, he’ll go for a search like “Parking Lift in Denver Colorado” in all probabilities. This is why the inclusion of the location of your business in the title tag is so significant. You also need to remember that Google reads from left to right. Therefore, your location and business category should come before the name of your business.

Consistent Contact Information

Your contact information must be consistent across the Internet. You are sure to list yourself in local directories, create social media pages, and have your own official website. Make sure that your contact information is kept intact everywhere. There is one important thing to keep in mind, and it is your NAP – Name, Address, and Phone number. You should use the correct NAP in every listing you make. Variation in the NAP can work against you, and result in a negative ranking.

Consistent Categories

Your business categories are also important along with the NAP. You must be well aware of the fact that local directories let you choose the category where you want to list your business. Although there are numerous directories which use the ‘auto-fill’ feature, try to use the same category across the web. A consistent category will make your appearance more appealing to search engines like Google.

Claim & Optimize your Map Listings

Map integration has become a major part of search engine results, especially with Google. It has been found out in a recent study that maps are one of the most clicked features. People who are searching for your business will find it easy to locate your store due to your map listing efforts. So, make sure that you claim and optimize online map services like Google Maps and Bing Maps.

Claim & Optimize your Local Accounts

It is your responsibility to make sure that people do not find just your official website when they Google the name of your business, And in order to get this done, you need to list your business in some of the best listing websites like Foursquare, Google Places, and Yelp. These listing websites are extremely popular, and your presence in them will automatically increase your value.