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Instagram Marketing is Highly Effective in Generating Leads
By Jeet Banerjee | May 22, 2013

Instagram is a popular social networking and online photo-sharing platform which allows users to click snaps, edit them using photographic filters, and then share them on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook or their own Instagram accounts. Initially obtainable only on iPhones and iPads, its popularity sky-rocketed when its availability was expanded to the Android Read More

Easy Social SEO Tips for Local Business Owners
By Jeet Banerjee | May 14, 2013

Social SEO is not a very new concept but you probably have never heard of it before. Simply put, it is an idea according to which social media interaction ensures that your business website is visible at the top of the SERPs when searched with relevant keywords. Social SEO alone is, however, not capable of Read More

Using Pinterest to find Links and build Relationships
By Jessica Blunt | May 7, 2013

Launched in 2009, Pinterest is quickly catching up with Twitter. As of December 2012, research reports revealed that 16% of adult American social media users are addicted to Twitter, while 15% are regular users of Pinterest. The first question which comes to mind: How did Pinterest come so close to a social media giant like Read More

How Your Local SEO campaign Can Be Benefited by Local Business Listings
By Robert Wilson | May 1, 2013

A recent research report has revealed that 97% of people find about services and products by using the Internet before making a purchase. Whether via mobile phones or computers, it is an undeniable fact that we live in an era where the advancement of technology has made everything available just at the click of a Read More

How is Local SEO significant for a Small Business?
By Jeet Banerjee | April 25, 2013

A recent survey has revealed that almost 40% of Internet users face frequent problems while locating local businesses online. While they are sure that the business exists in reality, they cannot locate anything about them on the Web. Local SEO tactics are best-suited for the rescue mission. The need for local SEO tactics has become Read More

How can Customer Reviews Boost up Local SEO Campaign?
By Robert Wilson | April 17, 2013

We all know what an online review is, and it is indeed one important way for a local business owner to understand how well his business is being perceived by the customers. From the marketing point of view, the online reviews boost the credibility of the business to a large extent. According to a survey, Read More

Videos can Improve Conversion Rates Overnight
By Robert Wilson | March 11, 2013

As far as user-engagement is concerned, online video is 5.35% more effective than simple texts. 85% of the online users are likely to buy a product or avail the service of a business that has undertaking video marketing campaign. With such stats in favor, it would be surprising if you still do not get started Read More

How To Produce Great Content Without Spending Any Money
By Jeet Banerjee | March 8, 2013

John Doherty states the basis of content creation in clear terms. He says that individual talent and time combined together surpass monetary requirements altogether. In this blog post, I will talk about the ways of creating good content by using the resources that are available at a given point in time. Money, talent and time Read More

5 Tips To Grow Your Business With Twitter
By Robert Wilson | March 5, 2013

Twitter is one of the best marketing platform for businesses and content. Leveraging Twitter is an effective and easy way to grow an audience for your business/website. This article will share 5 tips to grow your business with Twitter. 1. Search And Follow A dedicated search on Twitter allows you to connect marketers to their Read More

5 Tips For Writing Great Web Content
By Jessica Blunt | March 1, 2013

Publishing content or writing blog articles don’t a long time, but creating strong content that can captivate and engage the readers is tough to do regularly. Let’s face it, you may drive visitors to your site with the great design, illustrative videos and innovative graphics, but it’s the web copy that hooks in visitors. Creating Read More

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