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Power of LinkedIn in B2B Social Media Marketing
By Robert Wilson | August 2, 2013

LinkedIn is not like any other social media platforms we are accustomed to visiting every day. Ever since its launch in May 2003, it has been considered as the “Serious Network”. To put it simply, LinkedIn is the not the place where you need to visit to maintain your social life. It is, in fact, Read More

Why Is Google+ Important For The Growth Of Your Business?
By Jeet Banerjee | July 26, 2013

You want your business to be recognized by Google. A higher ranking in the Google SERPs would mean greater visibility, and better chances of getting noticed by your potential customers. When Google+was launched in 2011, most of you might have felt exhausted at the idea of creating a profile page of your business in yet Read More

The Value of Blog Commenting: Good For SEO Or Seen As Spam?
By Robert Wilson | July 19, 2013

Before 2011, gaining a desirable SERP ranking was less complicated with things revolving around link building, meta data structure, and the use of keywords. However with the introduction of the Panda and the Penguin algorithm updates, Google tore apart every rule book in existence. In order to avoid getting penalized by Google, everyone was left Read More

How Can Tumblr Be Used To Connect With Your Business Customers?
By Jessica Blunt | July 12, 2013

People always talk about LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook when it comes to the worlds of social media and content marketing. Unfortunately, however, there is one platform which doesn’t really get the recognition it deserves. And it’s Tumblr… a social media platform which is especially built for photo and video integration. Tumblr is basically a blogging Read More

Use Visuals To Boost Your Local SEO Campaign
By Jeet Banerjee | July 5, 2013

As the owner of a local business, it’s very obvious that you’d want a greater number of local people to find you in Google and other search engines. And not only just find you, but also share (and spread) information about your business with friends and followers. We all know about how local SEO strategies Read More

The SEO Writing Tips Which Can Greatly Help Bloggers
By Robert Wilson | June 27, 2013

You might have recently created you own blog, and have started working rigorously to bring it into the spotlight. Or perhaps, you have just taken up a job as a copywriter or a blogger. Regardless of what you have chosen, having a loyal base of followers and visitors is extremely important for your growth as Read More

The Long-Awaited Facebook Hashtag Is Finally Here
By Jeet Banerjee | June 20, 2013

Finally, hashtags on Facebook have started rolling out. Hashtags are not new in social media. In fact, 71% people on social media are regular hashtag users. Google+, Tumblr, Flickr and Instagram have adopted them a long time back. But it’s Twitter which has been the most popular social media platform that has extensively reaped the Read More

Keyword Research Tips for Geographic SEO of Local Businesses
By Robert Wilson | June 13, 2013

In recent times, one of the biggest challenges faced by a local business is the task of enhancing its presence on the Web with limited amount of resources. In order to succeed in this endeavor, the act of identifying a set of fruitful yet relevant keywords is a major constituent. On the downside, however, this Read More

Link Building Is Not Dead – It Has Simply Changed
By Jessica Blunt | June 6, 2013

You must have heard a million times in the last few months how link building has become a dead phenomenon. While deciphering the truth behind the statement, let’s also try to find out why this concept has received such wide acceptance. Since mid-2012, Google started penalizing websites for unnatural linking patterns and getting links from Read More

Tools Which Help In Small Business Management
By Robert Wilson | May 30, 2013

The breathtaking pace of technological innovation is slowly moving beyond our comprehension. Take this for instance. One fine morning, you wake up and find a new version of your favorite app has been launched. So, you waste no time upgrading to it. But before you show it off to your peers, in comes another upgrade! Read More

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