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Can Fake Customer Reviews Ruin Your Local Business For Real?
By Jessica Blunt | October 5, 2015

Online reviews are what customers refer to when they use the internet to shop around. Almost four out of five customers are likely to change their mind if they come across a negative review. To tell you the truth, they are more important for an e-commerce site to sell their products than product descriptions. Why? Read More

business analytics
How Data Analytics Can Help Determine Your Next Business Strategy?
By Robert Wilson | August 21, 2015

Today’s business market has more competition to face, compared to what it used to be couple of years back. While customers are the king of all decisions and choices, businesses are eager to know everything about their relevant targets in advance so that they can survive the internet marketing rage. Luckily, with the ever growing Read More

Instagram for your small business
Instagram Helps Your Business to Make the Right Headlines
By Jessica Blunt | July 31, 2015

In the world of selfies and more selfies, Instagram is a huge hit where people love to pout, pose and flash their 1000 watt just to get that perfect picture. Even the celebs seem to have fallen prey to Instagram and we love to peep into their lives with the help of the pictures they Read More

Business Tumblr
Tumblr Can Do Wonders To Your Business
By Robert Wilson | June 25, 2015

Unfortunately Tumblr is often overlooked as a powerful social media and Internet marketing strategy. It has the potential to change the SEO game for the benefit of your business. But only when you will know how to use it well. The perks of using Tumblr are great but only after you get a hang of Read More

Image SEO
Image Optimization – 5 Pointers You Are Still Not Aware Off
By Robert Wilson | May 18, 2015

Do you think that an image used in your website is just a fancy accessory that has nothing much to do beyond being an ornament? Well, it is time to brush up your Internet marketing knowledge and update them a bit. What you need to catch up on is the new marketing strategy and that Read More

Social Bookmarking
5 Questions People Have In Mind While Social Bookmarking
By Jessica Blunt | April 12, 2015

Social bookmarking is one of the tried and tested Internet marketing strategies. For many SEO professionals who are old school in their approach of promoting and marketing a website, this is one strategy they just cannot ignore. Well, by stating old school, in no way does that imply that the young bunch of Internet marketers Read More

Market Your Blog to bring in the Revenue
Market Your Blog & Promote Your Business
By Jessica Blunt | March 30, 2015

Blogging is a passion for many and for some lucky souls it is their passion that has turned into a profession. Many would often wonder how can a passion for blogging turn into a successful profession. Well, blogging helps to make or break the marketing strategies for several companies. So let’s check out how writing Read More

Pinterest Tools for Your Business
Pinterest Tips & Tools – It’s Time to Grow Your Business
By Robert Wilson | March 18, 2015

Images speak a thousand words and the need of the hour is more and more images. Users and potential customers find articles too drab for their liking and feels that it eats up too much of their time. Images are flashy and can jazz up your information reading spree and make it fun, because pictures Read More

Marketing on Facebook
Marketing On Facebook? 5 Steps To Set Your Revenue Bells Ringing
By Jeet Banerjee | February 10, 2015

When Mark Zuckerberg was creating Facebook, little did he know that this platform would change the dynamics of social networking and would revolutionize the modes of network and accessibility. Today Facebook boasts of more than 700 million users who are not just hooked but at the same time engaged to the virtual world of communication. Read More

Twitter Hashtags
Market Your Business In Twitter – Use Hashtags
By Jessica Blunt | January 23, 2015

Did you know that a whopping 75% of Twitter account users use hashtags (“#”) in their tweets. Any guesses as to why such a craze to use it? Well, everybody loves attention and using a hashtag gives you the much-needed attention in the form of re-tweets, shares and follows. So if you want to turn Read More

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