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Business Models That Yield Returns When Using Pay Per Click
By Robert Wilson | October 18, 2012

Google does a great job to advertise and promote their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. They claim that everyone will benefit from the traffic they receive. However, as a business it’s all about profitability and margins. People clicking on your link will definitely bring you traffic. What Google most importantly forgets to tell everyone is Read More

Why Google Analytics Doesn’t Do Enough
By Jeet Banerjee | October 12, 2012

While Google Analytics is a great tool, it really doesn’t do enough to help a webmaster increase conversion rates. It’s great to know how many visitors came to your website, what times they came, and where they came from……but does that really change your conversion rates? The simple answer to that question is, No. It Read More

Get Over It: It’s about Revenue, Not Rankings
By Robert Wilson | October 12, 2012

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a huge revenue-generating tool for many websites on the web. However, too many website owners and marketing companies are obsessed with rankings. Do you use search engine optimization to tell everyone your ranking first on a specific keyword? While that’s a nice thing to add, it’s definitely not your main Read More

3 Reasons You Should Not Use Stock Photography For Your Website
By Jeet Banerjee | October 10, 2012

While stock photography does a great job to provide website owners a wide range of media at an affordable price, it really has a negative impact on your marketing campaign. A survey was recently taken asking over 5,000 web surfers what they thought about stock photography and many of them had similar answers. We have Read More

World War Google
By Jeet Banerjee | October 10, 2012

Google has been top reigning search engine for the last decade now. While many consumers have become accustomed to using Google for their searches, other companies are desperately trying to change this. Amazon, Bing, and Facebook have most recently changed their system in one way or another to kick Google’s ass. While Google hasn’t seemed Read More

5 Deadly Copywriting Mistakes
By Jessica Blunt | October 10, 2012

Many website owners struggle with the layout and content of their website. On average, a website owner tends to change his or her content over 15 times a year. In order to increase conversions, you have to use trial and error. However, many of these website owners never get the results they want because they Read More

Why Do Search Engines Hate Flash?
By Robert Wilson | October 10, 2012

For a long time now, the search engine world has stressed the negative effects of using Flash on your website. This is extremely true and there are a number of different reasons why search engines really hate flash, let me explain:  Spider Crawling Issues Search engines use a spider to crawl websites to find content, Read More

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