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How Your Local SEO campaign Can Be Benefited by Local Business Listings
By Robert Wilson | May 1, 2013

A recent research report has revealed that 97% of people find about services and products by using the Internet before making a purchase. Whether via mobile phones or computers, it is an undeniable fact that we live in an era where the advancement of technology has made everything available just at the click of a button. And like big businesses, it has even become crucial (and mandatory) for a small business to list itself in local business listing directories to have better growth opportunities.

Local Business Listing – What is it?

Local business listings refer to promoting one’s business across the section of audience located at a specific geographic location. The concept of local listing is quite similar to the concept of putting up an advertisement in the local newspaper. In local business listing, a business gets listed in search engines wherein the physical address of the business, map, contact details and services are listed.

Link between Local Business Listing and Search Engine Optimization

Localized SEO services seek to generate web traffic from a targeted geo-location and local listing helps a website to gain better visibility in the web, increase web traffic and boost sales. The fact that local listing reduces the marketing costs of the businesses is attested by the fact that businesses can list their businesses free of cost.

How can Local Business Listing help in the SEO campaign?

#1. Boosting the Visibility of the Website

Local business listing acts as an additional source to provide information about your business to the search engines. The more active one keeps the listing with map tags, discount coupons, photos, videos and interaction with customers, chances are very high that it start standing out in the result pages.

#2. Source of Inbound Links

You will find numerous local listing directories which allow business websites to add the official links into the directories. Once the link of an official website of a business has been incorporated, it starts acting as a powerful backlink which testifies the authenticity and authority of the official website.

#3. Generating More Website Traffic

When someone searches with your location, niche and keywords of your business, chances are high that you’ll have a place at the top of the result pages, given the fact your business is listed in the directory.


In a SEO campaign, it is very hard to determine the time from which a business can start expecting results, but there is no doubt that local business listings will ease the process to a great deal. With the two working together, the business is bound to receive better web exposure, gain greater amount of trust, and earn more profit.

About the Author

Robert Wilson is a Customer Engagement & Retention Advisor for Local Businesses at Vintelli, a next generation mobile and web directory application. In his 5 years of experience in this field, he has assisted many local businesses in engaging customers, increasing customer loyalty and retaining customers. Robert is counted on when it comes to crafting strategies to drive up customer loyalty.

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