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Fantastic 4 Strategies of Online Branding For Your Business
By Robert Wilson | April 22, 2016

online branding strategies

Online branding means exposing your brand on different levels of online marketing, specially focusing on social and search engines. This is the ultimate dream of any entrepreneur to see his business listed at the top of the search engine. But the process is a bit tricky and challenging , you need to plan and maintain a definite strategy to reach your goal.

If you search Google on “how to grow your business online”, definitely you will get a lot of valuable results. But we survive in a busy world and therefore, each second is precious to us. Reading anything and everything on Google will be a sheer misuse of time. So it will be really helpful if within a single content we get all the valuable ideas listed.

Here are some ideas, which will prove to be a great help to build the brand of your business online. So continue reading and be a step ahead than the others in the rat race.

#1. Get a mobile app for your business

Why mobile apps are a good promotional tool for your business?

Yes, this is one of the most important criteria which you must keep in mind whenever you are thinking of promoting your business online. Our world is digitalized and most of us have a smartphone with us, which caters to all our needs both online and offline.

For example, if you are outside and need to find a restaurant, hotel or any other thing of your concern, you will soon reach out for your phone, click on the app and find out whatever you require at the nearest locality and avail it. Isn’t it the most convenient way to promote you business worldwide?

The first and the foremost thing that you need to do, is creating a handy mobile app for your concerned website. Do not design the app in a complicated way, keep it simple and help the common people access it easily.

#2. Optimizing your site is very important

Now what do you understand by optimizing the site?

While you optimize your site, it means you are letting your viewers extract the most from your website. When your viewers get all their questions answered, they keep on returning back to your site. In this manner your site gets promoted extensively and within no time you find your website at the top of the search results in Google.

When a website remains at the top of the Google search results, you know what it means. It means you have the most viewers, and you have the best ratings. So optimizing your site is very important to promote your business online.

#3. Promote your business on social media and business directories

We all know that whenever we start a new thing we need to promote it well, so that we get the most out of it . I have already suggested two effective ways of promoting your site online, but the third one which I am going to suggest now is also equally important. You need to promote your site , promotion is very effective, if it is done in the right way. You can promote your site through social media, business directories and through adds.

The most popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. These sites get the maximum amount of visitors every day. Most of us have an account in these sites. So if you promote your business here, you will obviously be able to reach out to a large number of audience who will be viewing your business, reading your blogs and so on. If your business is well promoted on these sites you will automatically get a huge upthrust towards success.

Another very new and popular way of promoting your business site is through business directories. Now for those who do not know what business directories are , let me throw some light of knowledge on it. You must be knowing what phone directories are. Nowadays we do not find these phone directories but earlier they were available in almost all the houses. All the phone numbers with name and address were listed on these directories. In the same manner business directories are places where the entrepreneurs list there business so that people searching for a particular service can easily find it out at these places. You can list your business on these directories and promote your business online and reach out to all the people worldwide.

#4. Reviews are very important to manage your website

What are Reviews?

To keep it simple, I shall like to say that reviews are like report cards , that say about our progress or downfall. After people avail your service they go back to your website to share their experience. People’s reviews are very important because, not only you but the people visiting your site get benefited from it. So, good reviews can take you to the zenith of success, in the same manner, bad reviews can destroy you automatically. The reviews on your website can affect your position in the search engine results.

Do you know what are aggregated reviews?

Aggregated reviews are a combination of reviews from multiple platforms, merged in a single site. In case of aggregated reviews of a particular product, reviews from different sites regarding that product are collected and displayed in one particular site . This helps customers see reviews of the product present at different platforms, on a single place.

This kind of data extraction from different sites help the consumers while purchasing and taking a right decision regarding any business matter. Different sites like Vintelli try to help out the consumers sincerely and let them avail the best.

Vintelli follows a different and unique approach known as Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), which involves evaluating the reviews and giving a definite rank to a business, so that the customers can get a totally unbiased overview of a particular business or product.

Now lets see,

How does CSI or Customer Satisfaction Index work?

If you listen to any business expert , they will always advice you to read thousands of reviews all over the internet about a particular product and then buy it. Reviews are actually important and help you a lot while you go to buy something. But generally we feel lazy to read all the reviews. We always opt for a easier way, that is to check the number of stars on a particular product.

But in the long run this was not helping the customers to be absolutely sure about the business they are availing and product they are buying.

Therefore, Vintelli designed a unique CSI algorithm, which helps it filter out all the biased and fake reviews about a business, and determine a score out of 5 for the business based on the authentic reviews. The CSI is a clean and clear rating of a particular business, thereby allowing customers to get an authentic impression about the business.

The CSI system collects all the data from business review sites like Merchant Circle, CitySearch, yelp and Foursquare . After all the reviews are collected in a single place, then they are filtered through a funnel which is actually a special algorithm . After the process is completed, we get a definite score or rating which gives the customer an accurate idea of how a product or business is better that the others. So next time when you think of availing a particular business , do check on Vintelli’s site and get a clear idea whether you should go for that particular business / service or not.

The fantastic four ideas given above are like the four golden rules that you must keep in mind when you market your business on line. The followers of these rules will never fall out of track in successfully marketing their business on Internet.

About the Author

Robert Wilson is a Customer Engagement & Retention Advisor for Local Businesses at Vintelli, a next generation mobile and web directory application. In his 5 years of experience in this field, he has assisted many local businesses in engaging customers, increasing customer loyalty and retaining customers. Robert is counted on when it comes to crafting strategies to drive up customer loyalty.

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