Instagram Helps Your Business to Make the Right Headlines

In the world of selfies and more selfies, Instagram is a huge hit where people love to pout, pose and flash their 1000 watt just to get that perfect picture. Even the celebs seem to have fallen prey to Instagram and we love to peep into their lives with the help of the pictures they click. If we leave celebs aside for a while just to figure out how Instagram can help people. Then the first benefit we can think of is business websites, specially the ones who own e-commerce websites. E-commerce websites are all about promoting the products that potemtial customers might be interested to buy.

So we tell you how you can take the help of Instagram to see a steep growth in your business.

Instagram for your small business

Instagram Helps Your Business To Create News For All The Right Reasons

If you run an e-commerce website, then these are the facts that you must remember to practice. All these will create a buzz about you and for all the right reasons.

  • The Stroke of Personalization – It is always to add a personal touch to all your products. This just gives you an edge over your contemporaries and helps you increase the saleability of your products. Adding images in Instagram and then reposting it to other social media sites allow you to cater to your audience who are present in some of these networking platforms. Reposting them shows that you take time upload it everywhere for the benefit of your clients.
  • Helps in Brand Creation – We all know brand creation does not happen overnight. And to help you do just that Instagram plays a vital role. If your brand is all about products, then post plenty of images of your signature products that are a trademark you boast off. Once people know about your website, that trademark product will help you add brand value to your website. So for product based websites, Instagram is the best way for branding your business.
  • Appropriate use of Keywords and Hashtags – The best way to spot your desired results is by putting in the most relevant keywords and hashtags. Once those things are spot on, you will hardly take any time to find out what you were looking for. Even for entrepreneurs uploading images of their products on Instagram, all the images must be stuffed with relevant keywords to optimize the search. Be it hashtags or keywords, all your images must have them.
  • Customized Products during Special Occasions – Haven’t we all seen that e-commerce sites always offer customized products during special occasions, be it Christmas, Halloween or New Years. So if you have an online shopping portal as well, the don’t forget to showcase your special products in Instagram. Having those pictures will help you to break away from the monotony of your daily products. And also keep your clients interested in you, thus they will keep coming back to you.

So it is time for you to pull up your socks and be back in the news for all the right reasons.

5 Questions People Have In Mind While Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the tried and tested Internet marketing strategies. For many SEO professionals who are old school in their approach of promoting and marketing a website, this is one strategy they just cannot ignore. Well, by stating old school, in no way does that imply that the young bunch of Internet marketers does not pay much heed to it. On the contrary, it is still considered to be the recipe to taste success. These 5 questions are mostly doing the rounds among the budding marketers who are waiting to let the virtual world sweep them off their feet.

Social Bookmarking

5 Common Questions Asked by Budding Internet Marketers

1. What is it? – There are several social bookmarking sites where people interested in social bookmarking needs to create a profile. You get to bookmark your favorite websites by putting in appropriate keywords as tags. In this process, you eventually make a collection of your own bookmarked websites with appropriate “tags” in the form of keywords. All these different keywords can form different categories, something which you can boast off since it is your collection. Having a site means having friends and followers and they can see your collection.

2. How does it work? – The greatest advantage it has is, you get to organize and store all your information under your own profile by categorizing them with different tags. Social bookmarking sites also help you to make strong connection with other people who are part of your profiles. How? They might be interested in some of your categories and would glance through some of your bookmarked websites and the topics you have selected. That’s not all. A common interest would generate a mutual exchange of knowledge on the similar topics.

3. What is the connection with SEO?  Activities in these bookmarking sites open up several doors of communication, connection and exchange of knowledge. The main purpose of SEO is to ensure that a particular website is flooded with web traffic. And what better way to achieve it than social bookmarking. Come to think of it, if your collection of bookmarked websites boast off informative content in the form of blogs, infographics or videos, then it is obvious that you will have a lot of traffic.

4. What is it leading to? The technology that you will require for social bookmarking is not complicated and even with time and advancement in this field, the process will never have any complexities. Executing it is simple and allows you to show off your collection. Bookmarking websites is almost like maintaining your own library of collections. And the more diverse the collection the better it, there is tremendous scope for communication and chat through comments.

5. What are its impact?  Tagging information and building a huge resource out of it is great way of maintaining your own inventory of information. Often we lose track of the information we have, bookmarking the websites are a great way of going back to finding it a couple of months later. The tags are the different categories and so retrieving it just by clicking on the right category is enough for you to find that piece of information you were looking for. Needless to say, that it is impacting the world of SEO in a big way with overwhelming results.

If there were the common questions that flashed across your mind, then heave a sigh of relief to have found the answers finally.

Marketing On Facebook? 5 Steps To Set Your Revenue Bells Ringing

When Mark Zuckerberg was creating Facebook, little did he know that this platform would change the dynamics of social networking and would revolutionize the modes of network and accessibility. Today Facebook boasts of more than 700 million users who are not just hooked but at the same time engaged to the virtual world of communication. With Facebook being the new addiction among the masses, planning business ideas based on this platform is not a bad idea either. After all, when in Facebook you know reaching out to your target audience becomes easy and interacting with them becomes fun.

Marketing on Facebook

Why Market Your Business on Facebook?

When you start your business obviously you have a lot of plans in mind. The first and foremost of them is to make it accessible to your target audience. And to do that you need a platform where people can reach out to you seamlessly. And Facebook is just the right option that ticks in all the right boxes. The perks of your business if you make its presence felt in Facebook:

  • Customer Interaction – Customers have certain queries that come across their mind before starting a deal but they often go unanswered because there is no place to pose such questions. Thanks to Facebook, customer queries gets answered and there is scope to develop client interaction. The frequency with which you answer the questions also add value to your business. Direct conversation through comments and posts also makes you accessible.
  • Business with a Personal Touch – One of the biggest reasons for people to love Facebook is because it allows users to stay in touch. Similarly, when doing business, stay tuned with Facebook and build a relation with your clients and potential customers. The personal touch creates a whole new opportunity for you to design a very personal image about your business in the eyes of your clients. A more personal interaction with your client always helps.
  • A Fan Base and a Set of Followers – Having a strong fan base always helps your customers to know about any new updates that your business is making that might be of some benefit to them. Promotional campaigns, contests and other such attractive incentives are a great way to keep them glued to you. These things will not just keep the interest among your fans alive but will also help you to increase the number of followers and fans.
  • Facebook Ads – We all know that ads are a great way to boost up your sales and get in the revenue. A well crafted ad placed at the right position allows you to grab attention. And once you manage to get the eyeballs of your potential customers, getting the conversion is just a matter of time because you can target the ads on the basis of your target audience’s area of interest, their demographics, their level of education.
  • High Competition – Talk about neck-deep competition and your competitor’s are bound to have already made their presence on Facebook because of its wide reach. So you cannot be far off in times like this otherwise you would miss out on potential clients that your competitors would grab even if your services are way better than theirs. So keep your business in the spotlight for healthy competition and Facebook gives you that opportunity.

These 5 easy steps are probably the best and easy ways to stay in the game for the long run and make good use of the opportunity that Mark Zuckerberg had created just for casual chatting.

Market Your Business In Twitter – Use Hashtags

Did you know that a whopping 75% of Twitter account users use hashtags (“#”) in their tweets. Any guesses as to why such a craze to use it? Well, everybody loves attention and using a hashtag gives you the much-needed attention in the form of re-tweets, shares and follows. So if you want to turn heads with every tweet you post, then use hashtags. Now, using hashtags at the drop of your heart can be plain and simple annoying, so watch your pace.

Twitter Hashtags

Interesting Facts of Using Hashtag to Market Your Business

  • Advertising & Promotions – Hashtags are synonymous with events and discussions, so when you are promoting a particular product or advertising it, then using hashtags can prove to be effective. Hashtags have the tendency to make the keywords viral within a very short time span. So the more hashtags you use to promote your latest products, the higher will be the chances that your target consumers will take notice of it almost immediately. Hashtags are doing the rounds in almost all conference room tables as a marketing strategy.
  • Marketing for Special Events – Have you noticed in the recent times that all special events are marketed with the use of hashtags. Hashtags are a great tool to generate any kind of conversation or discussion, so the moment people publish a comment with the hashtag, readers automatically connect with that particular event. The conversation trail continues and so does the hashtags. In return you get the web traffic and going by the ‘herd mentality’, people start visiting your site just because everybody else around them is doing so.
  • Monitor the Visibility of Users – Deemed to be a marketing tool because it helps SEO professionals to track down the visibility of hashtags among users. Keeping a close eye on your products and the number of shares and likes it receives becomes a tad easy with the help of hashtags. So for all the users who like to make heads turn with every tweet they post or image they share, using hashtags will help you to get your fair share of attention. For the marketers, what more could you ask for when you have the hashtags to increase your web traffic.
  • Product Description Pages – Your business has a Twitter page? If your business page is quite active in the social media platform, then all you need to do is hyperlink the images in your social media pages with the help of hashtags. As discussed already, hashtags allow you to track down consumers who can be potential clinets. So what more do you need, after you have finally spotted customers who frequent both your business website as well as your social media page. You know you just need to strike up conversation so that you can get your sale.
  • Design Social Media Campaigns – Business strategies are all about designing campaigns and having a carefully scrutinized discussion over it. Interestingly, all social media campigns are almost incomplete without the use of hashtags. Yes, that is the surprise element and all the more so because of the growing buzz that hashtags have garnered so far.

Not just Twitter, but hashtags are commonly used even in Facebook. But like Twitter, Facebook could not market it well.