Image Optimization – 5 Pointers You Are Still Not Aware Off

Do you think that an image used in your website is just a fancy accessory that has nothing much to do beyond being an ornament? Well, it is time to brush up your Internet marketing knowledge and update them a bit. What you need to catch up on is the new marketing strategy and that is image SEO. The sudden buzz surrounding images is completely because images tend to connect with viewers at a much faster pace than text. Stats reveal, the human brain reads images 60,000 times faster than text. So what are you waiting for? Splash in some images and make heads turn.

Image SEO

A Quick Glance at the Tips You must follow for Image SEO

  • Images must have a Proper Name – While writing any blog, we provide an appropriate title for it with relevant keywords. Same goes for images as well, if you are planning to use the image for SEO purpose, then the relevant keywords need to be placed tactfully while uploading the image. Keyword rich title along with meta-description is a must if marketing the images well is one of your agendas.
  • Alt Tags should be Well Optimized – Alt tags are more commonly known as text alternatives for images. Alt tags add great value to your website specially while marketing it with the help of various SEO strategies. The easiest ways to spot the alt tags is by hovering your mouse over that image to see the text created for the image in question. If you boast of an e-commerce website, then alt tags are a must to increase the visibility of that image on the web search.
  • Image Sizes should be Customized Some quick facts – consumers don’t give more than 3 seconds for an image to download when browsing from the laptops and the seconds go up to 5 when its the mobile. So the file size of the image needs to be given a lot of importance. If the file size is huge, then the loading time goes up and that is a big turn off for viewers. To enhance viewer experience compress the images and increase the page load speed.
  • Importance given to Image Dimensions – In e-commerce websites the focus is always on the products. So keep in mind that the dimension of the images should be optimized to give maximum viewing experience to potential buyers. All the angles of the products should be given equal focus. Since it is the virtual world where buyers cannot hold the product and check for themselves. It is important that you allow them to have a full viewing experience.
  • Know the Image Type You can Use – The three most common file types are PNG, GIF and JPEG. However, all these 3 file types serve different purposes. JPEGs are used in case of icons and for the simplified images. The best part about JPEG images are that it can be compressed. For low quality images the GIF type is most suited. The surprise element over here are the PNG images, because they are quite popularly becoming the alternatives for the GIF type.

So if you are planning to add value to your website by giving in more pictures, then please look into these points. We all know blog marketing is important but that in no way means we do not give our fair share of importance to the SEO work that needs to be done for our images.

5 Questions People Have In Mind While Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is one of the tried and tested Internet marketing strategies. For many SEO professionals who are old school in their approach of promoting and marketing a website, this is one strategy they just cannot ignore. Well, by stating old school, in no way does that imply that the young bunch of Internet marketers does not pay much heed to it. On the contrary, it is still considered to be the recipe to taste success. These 5 questions are mostly doing the rounds among the budding marketers who are waiting to let the virtual world sweep them off their feet.

Social Bookmarking

5 Common Questions Asked by Budding Internet Marketers

1. What is it? – There are several social bookmarking sites where people interested in social bookmarking needs to create a profile. You get to bookmark your favorite websites by putting in appropriate keywords as tags. In this process, you eventually make a collection of your own bookmarked websites with appropriate “tags” in the form of keywords. All these different keywords can form different categories, something which you can boast off since it is your collection. Having a site means having friends and followers and they can see your collection.

2. How does it work? – The greatest advantage it has is, you get to organize and store all your information under your own profile by categorizing them with different tags. Social bookmarking sites also help you to make strong connection with other people who are part of your profiles. How? They might be interested in some of your categories and would glance through some of your bookmarked websites and the topics you have selected. That’s not all. A common interest would generate a mutual exchange of knowledge on the similar topics.

3. What is the connection with SEO?  Activities in these bookmarking sites open up several doors of communication, connection and exchange of knowledge. The main purpose of SEO is to ensure that a particular website is flooded with web traffic. And what better way to achieve it than social bookmarking. Come to think of it, if your collection of bookmarked websites boast off informative content in the form of blogs, infographics or videos, then it is obvious that you will have a lot of traffic.

4. What is it leading to? The technology that you will require for social bookmarking is not complicated and even with time and advancement in this field, the process will never have any complexities. Executing it is simple and allows you to show off your collection. Bookmarking websites is almost like maintaining your own library of collections. And the more diverse the collection the better it, there is tremendous scope for communication and chat through comments.

5. What are its impact?  Tagging information and building a huge resource out of it is great way of maintaining your own inventory of information. Often we lose track of the information we have, bookmarking the websites are a great way of going back to finding it a couple of months later. The tags are the different categories and so retrieving it just by clicking on the right category is enough for you to find that piece of information you were looking for. Needless to say, that it is impacting the world of SEO in a big way with overwhelming results.

If there were the common questions that flashed across your mind, then heave a sigh of relief to have found the answers finally.

Video SEO – 5 Secret Tips to Bring Bulk Traffic

Did you know that a recent report states that the average attention span of users in your website today is as less as 5 to 8 seconds. Yes you read it right! That literally means you need to make headlines frequently to ensure that your visitors stay tuned with you. Is that possible? Are you fearing that a day will come when all your ideas will dry up? Don’t worry because videos are the “new cool” and pumps up your web traffic like an exploding volcano. Keep your target audience dazzled with videos that sets their eyes rolling at the motion picture. Wondering why videos? Well, videos convey the message through a medium of entertainment because motion picture is a lot of fun. That’s not all, they take very less time ranging from a couple of seconds to a few minutes, keeping in mind the limited attention span of visitors.

Video SEO to bring in traffic

A High Five to Video SEO

It is time to put your drab and boring articles in the washing machine on high-speed mode and clean them off to make way for videos. Am I saying Bill Gates was wrong when he said “content is king”? No, he was not wrong, because no matter how attractive a video you make, it needs to be power-packed with relevant content that will add value to your customers. Kudos to the Microsoft guy because his statement stands testimony even in today’s time.

Are you thinking of creating a fancy video and your job is done? Definitely no, because who will do the SEO work of marketing that “fancy” video that you just created? Consumerism and marketing is groping the world so you cannot leave the video by just creating it. Market it well to set your revenue bells ringing. I’ll help you by giving you the marketing tips of video SEO.

  • Informative Description – The description is the first thing that people notice before glancing through your video. So all the web copywriters, buck up and give it your best shot. The key is to write something that you as a reader would be interested to read. Once you manage to keep yourself interested in what you are writing, others will find your write-up interesting as well.
  • Well researched Video Keywords – Will your heart not beam with pride if you see that the video you created for your website is coming on the first page of the SERP? Guess what, it is easy to achieve that by just putting in the relevant keywords in your video. So research the keywords your target audience looks for.
  • Link building – What is marketing for your video if you cannot hit bull’s-eye with effective link-building? Link-building helps you to pump up the gravity of your video and make it worthy enough for people to take a look at it. So brush up your link-building skills and reach out to your niche audience. Make yourself noticed.
  • User Experience should be Well Channelized  – Create an attractive video-check, put in the right description-check, stuff in the relevant keywords-check, SEO-check. So what are you forgetting? No brownie point for guessing that it is the user experience that needs to be taken care of now. Your customers have finally landed on your video but if you don’t channelize their navigation properly they would bounce off from the video. So navigate them well to enhance their user experience.
  • Make it Viral  – The social media is all about spreading the word that you have finally arrived. Let your work do the talking, so instead of spreading the word, spread the work. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, the works, spread it everywhere so that people sit up to take notice of the goodies that you are about to bring out from your kitty of quality work.

So before sharing these 5 secret tips, implement them first, see the result and then spread the word.

SEO or SEM or Are You Hungry To Strike The Perfect Balance Between Both?

“The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do, what you want them to do?” as rightly put by Aaron Wall of is probably one of the easiest ways to describe the basic work and also the main goal of the SEO guys. Search Engine Optimization is not a new concept, but yes the way professionals work in this field today has undergone drastic changes. The road towards tasting success in search engine does not only have rough patches but is also very unpredictable and all this because Google constantly updates itself. In this constant effort to learn new things and keep your knowledge base updated continuously, it becomes quite a daunting task and a big challenge ahead. So, are people in two minds about which one to choose SEO or SEM? Surprisingly, these two broad concepts have their own set of differences and they provide great benefits to your website hence cannot be overlooked or avoided at any cost. Understanding the kind of impact that these two biggies have in the field of Internet marketing, let us focus on them individually to study intricately how they can help in increasing the online visibility and to drive in traffic.

Search Engine Optimization The work of SEO is to optimize your website with the use of relevant keywords in your content that helps your website to have higher rankings in the SERPs. The best thing about using relevant keywords is that they are found all over the web in contents, codes, to name a few areas where you can notice them. We are well aware about the kind of work a search engine is required to do but what many have often overlooked a couple of years ago was the gradual emergence of the social media sites which help tremendously in getting us the much talked about visibility across the web. What you must do from here on is to chalk out strategies that can also in the power social media boasts of. We all know updating your website constantly helps Google to give you higher rankings, but the icing on the cake is, when every update of yours also gets updated in your social media profiles helping people in your social networking accounts to know about it. Constant updates manages to impress Google.

Search Engine Marketing The focus of SEM along with SEO remains the same just that their policies and ways of implementation are slightly different. To begin stating the differences, it is safe to say that the results cannot be reached with the help of an organic search. SEM does not rely on using keywords but it focuses on paid advertising like PPC and the popularity of the links. They try to emphasize on the ads that they publish online to get in the traffic as well as to generate revenue for their business. When it comes to SEM it is important for people to remember that there is a considerable amount of financial investment required for it to work effectively and to get the desired results.

The right balance of both The biggest problem of having both SEM and SEO is that they require a financial stability but the right strategies and the effective execution of those strategies need to suit your pocket first. To have a successful campaign, it is critical that you clearly form a plan with special mention of the monetary transaction required. Such strategies are subject to a lot of modification so that the company is able to come up with the best plan that will not just be effective but will also be low on their pockets. We all know that SEO is an ongoing process and one needs to constantly work on keeping the rankings of the websites high. But SEM on the other hand requires a higher amount of money that at times becomes a bit too much for the company. In such a scenario it is suited to get the initial start and get the profit counters ringing and eventually when the financial stability of the company is back, one can obviously stop their SEM plans and work just on SEO to keep the business afloat with reasonable profit and no bulk expenditure.

After reading this, if you are hungry to strike the perfect balance between these two, then go ahead and make the most of the opportunity.

Why Is Local SEO Easier Than Traditional SEO?

SEO is one tough game these days. It is imperative if a business wants to have a better grasp at its target audience, and as a result, the competition is stiff like it was never before. This is the reason why I’ve always opted for a local SEO solution. Why is it so? The reason is very simple: “It is easier to create a strategy for local targeting than a global campaign”.

SEO Vs Local SEO

So what are the secret winning recipes of local SEO that is making it more popular than traditional SEO? Well, there are a quite a few. But I prefer local SEO mainly because of these 4 reasons:

Reason 1: Geo Targeting

The radius where your target audience is located is the most crucial factor when you are setting up your local SEO campaign. In most cases, it is easy for a business to determine the area where it will find its potential customers. In case a business is not sure of the demographics, all it has to do is take a look at the current statistics.

While in traditional SEO the radius is bigger, a business can focus more clearly on selected potential customers in local SEO – thus increasing its chance of success.

Reason 2: Location-based Keywords

Check out Google’s own keyword-research tool to determine the keywords that will bring in the most traffic you desire. Once you’ve found what you are looking for, include the name of the location you are targeting to each keyword.

Think carefully for a moment! Location-based keywords are bound to have lesser competition than global keywords. It’s pretty obvious that the number of people searching for “SEO company Orange County” will be much lesser than people searching for “SEO company California”.

Reason 3: Location-based Title Tags

While most people ignore this step, you must adjust your title tags by including relevant local search terms. Trust me when I say this, this step won’t cause any damage to your traditional SEO campaign. On the contrary, it’ll just make your local SEO efforts even stronger.

With location-based title tags, it will be easier to get traffic into your website from the location you are targeting. This important feature of local SEO is not applicable to the traditional one.

Reason 4: Local Advertisement SEO Campaigns

Online advertising is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to local SEO. All you need to do is place a local keyword-rich ad on a reputed online ad page or business directory. You also need to make sure that you have placed the ad on the right category.

This will increase your reach and people will take notice of your online presence. As more people grow knowledgeable about your business, the better are your chances to have desirable rankings in the SERPs.