Influence of Social Media on Local Business

Local business requires the boost that the social media platform can offer them. However, many entrepreneurs fail to realize the untapped potential power of the social networking profiles. The high volume of consumers who visit various networking profiles to get updated about their various brands. In order to inform all the budding entrepreneurs, this infographic provides interesting statistics.

Influence of Social Media on Local Business

How Can Social Media Help A Startup Grow?

Ever since 2010, social media has become an integral part of Internet marketing. In short, an active life in social media platforms has the power to elevate online exposure like no other. And when the discussion has brought forward the term “online exposure”, I think it’s the startups which work the hardest to gain better online visibility. So, is social media seriously important for the growth of a startup? Well yes, it is! Why? Apart from its great outreach, social media is also a cost-effective option for startups who usually work on a tight budget. But how can startups harness this awesome power?

Before we move forward, let us look at the infographic below:


This infographic brings out the top 6 social media channels – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest (all ranked in descending order of popularity). Each one of them has its unique visitors, and all a startup has to do is create a game plan, pick the right ones (based on its target audience) and sign up for free accounts.


Now let us talk a little about the tips given to startups in the infographic, shall we?

Use Videos

In 2013, videos emerged as powerful tools in the field of content marketing. People preferred watching a 3-minute video to reading a 500-word textual content. Startups using videos to educate and entice visitors is a fun yet informative strategy. As startups have a limited budget, it’s better to produce small videos – mainly focusing on exciting teasers and deals. And what are the best places to promote these videos? YouTube, Vimeo and Vine are the most trusted video-sharing websites.

Power Of Pictures

There is a popular saying that goes: “Pictures say a thousand words”. Startups can rely on not only creating impactful images and funny memes, but also on designing attractive and fabulous infographics. Moreover, showcasing photos of employees will let visitors know more about the jobs done behind the scenes. And this can help in building a stronger trust. Share these pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. What’s the icing on the cake? Both these sites allow the use of hashtags… and there is no limit of providing relevant ones.

Find Your Interest

Smart use of Groups and Communities found on most of these sites (to be precise: Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+) can catapult a startup to a great distance forward. Using the search bar to find results on relevant keywords has a fantastic chance for a startup to find potential buyers and business partners. Moreover, frequent engagement on these Groups and Communities with useful shares and comments will also help a startup gain a great reputation among its peers and potential customers.

Interaction – The Key

The best way to grow a startup (or rather, any business) is to give enough time to the customers. A startup needs to understand that once it has a popular social media presence, these pages will show up on search engines when people search with relevant keywords. And be it a new visitor or a regular customer, it is the social media sites which act as the preferred interaction platform. Spend at least an hour behind these sites every day, talk less and listen more, and make it a point to give timely responses to customer feedbacks. It will make the reputation of a startup grow even stronger in no time.

The Penguin Effects – All 5 Updates Taken Together

Google Penguin updates or the “Webspam updates” have been giving sleepless nights to webmasters all around the planet. But only the ones who follow the blackhat strategies. What is the outcome when these webmasters get caught? An inevitable penalty and the loss of rankings. And the funny part of the story is, there are still some headstrong SEO agencies who just refuse to follow the right path. They have heard it from Google, they have heard it from Matt Cutts, they have heard it from us too. But they need fast results, even if it means playing with the sharp edge of the sword.

What is the purpose of the Google Penguin updates? While webmasters are always on high alert, these updates are actually directed towards achieving better, more precise and well-deserving search results. In short, they help web visitors get spam-free results which are most specific to their search queries. As a result, Google keeps on updating the Penguin algorithm and tightening their noose around web spammers. The latest Penguin update came out on October 4, 2013, and it was termed Penguin 2.1 or Penguin 5.

We have brought forward an interesting infographic where all the 5 Penguin updates (till date) have been placed together. This, we believe, will prevent webmasters from looking for the basic info about the updates at different places.

Source: Business2Community

Surely, Penguin 2.1 is not the end. In 2014, we’ll obviously see new updates rolling out. The strategy to success is following the white-hat SEO tactics. Once you convince Google that you won’t be deviating from the right path, there is no way Google won’t reward you for your efforts.

Ways To Use YouTube For Improving Your Local SEO

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, standing just behind the mighty Google. You might often wonder what has made it go past Yahoo and Bing in such a short period of time? Like other video-sharing websites, YouTube is a place where a user can view, share, create an account and upload videos. However, its user-friendliness has created a fan-base unlike any other video-sharing website. Due to its growing popularity, YouTube is highly preferred by the other search engines. And this is primarily the reason why businesses should consider marketing their products and services via YouTube.

However, let me make one thing clear. High-quality articles and blog posts are still pretty effective. But off late, I’ve seen a trend where the preferences of Web visitors have shifted a little bit towards information which are visual-based. And hence, we are experiencing the rise of videos… a new form of content marketing.

Small businesses always face tremendous pressure while competing with the “big dogs” of the market. Leveraging the power of YouTube can prove to be an ideal way of them gaining an upper hand. Maybe you have overlooked it previously, but YouTube’s design and development make it efficient when it comes to local SEO.

In comes the very first infographic from Vintelli where our beloved ‘Boy Genius’ Dexter and his sister Dee Dee will take you though the ways how YouTube can be used to improved local SEO. Let’s get started:

Source: Business2Community

There is one word of caution though. Small businesses often run on a strict budget, and creating videos is not a process that is very easy on the wallet. This means the videos created by a small business must be high on quality and appeal, as the budget is limited

Therefore, a small business needs to settle down with its creative team, chalk out the outlines and start implementing the best possible route with caution. If everything falls into place in the end, it’s a guarantee that it’ll be able reap great results.