5 Ways To Engage Users On Your Website


With the recent surge of the internet, it’s all about engaging users through a good experience on your website. Those who fail to provide this exciting experience loses the attention span of visitors. What’s worse than spending money to bring a user to your website only to have them leave because you weren’t interesting enough?


If you’re going to spend the time and money to bring users to your website, you want to convert them into customers. How do you do this? Well, websites with higher conversion rates do something to engage users that keep their attention on what’s important.


Here are 5 proven strategies that work well to engage users on your website:


1. Freebies

Seriously, who doesn’t love FREE stuff? If you give me something FREE, you will keep me on your website for a good amount of time. The best way to engage a user is to offer them something free.


In order for the user to unlock his/her ‘Freebie’, make them work for it. Make them scroll through and read through the information you want them to know before giving them something for free.


2. Mind Blowing Experience

Do something on your website that hasn’t been done before. You can create an amazing tour, provide a great experience, or even have an interactive application. When a user comes to a website unlike any other, he/she really becomes engaged.


They want to know why your website is the way it is, what you do, and will quite often share their good experience with others. Find a unique way to convey information, prices, or even features to your customer that keeps their attention on what’s important.


3. Build A Community

Users love to communicate with one another. Whether they want to debate online or hear funny things others say, conversations sell. People tend to be far more engaged when they see others similar to them discussing or staying involved within a website.


Whether you build a community discussion board, add a forum, or even put real-time tweets on your website……it’s a great way to engage the visitor. Not only that, but it may even interest them in participating!


4. Be Seasonal

Every new season or holiday, do something new on your website. Whether it’s something as simple as adding a santa hat on your logo or a completely new design, users will be far more engaged.


Not only that, but everyone loves the holiday spirit. If your website has a holiday feel to it, people get happy and happiness leads to an obvious increase in sales.


5. Tell A Story

People connect with stories a lot more than they do with a product. Marketing is all about selling an idea and letting customers determine the value of your products on their own. Your website needs to tell a story.


Stories engage users and lets them know they are dealing with humans instead of just a company. Your website is far more engaging when you tell a story, share your teams faces, and even talk about how the company came to fruition.



An engaging website is becoming more and more essential. As the internet is becoming more competitive, websites need to do something to stand out. A quick and easy way to engage your users is by utilizing some of the strategies mentioned above.


5 Essentials For A Facebook Page

If you do not have a Facebook page for your business, you are a little behind. Creating a Facebook page for your company is a necessity in todays social world.

Here are 5 essentials for a great Facebook page:

1. Customization

Facebook can get really boring if you see the same blue/white theme on every single page. If you want to make your Facebook page stand out from the others, you need to do something different.

Creating a custom Facebook page for your business is a necessity. Focus on the most important selling points for your business and create a stellar design for others to see.

By creating a custom page, you stand out from the others on Facebook. Not only that, but people are actually somewhat forced to be interested in your page since it catches their eye.

2. Rewards

If you are creating a Facebook page for your business, you obviously want to utilize it in a positive fashion. When someone lands on your Facebook page, give them a reward for showing up.

Many businesses will extend out coupons or discounts to users who visit their Facebook page. Be sure to unlock the promotions once they have ‘liked’ your Facebook page.

By rewarding your visitors on Facebook, you create a distinct value for your Facebook page. Now users have reason to tell their friends and family about your page and will want to visit your page in the future.

3. Activity

If you have someone reaching out to you on Facebook, you need to get back to them in a timely manner. A catastrophic mistake a business can make is when they create a Facebook page and forget about it.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to connect with customers, potential customers, and other users. You need to stay active and remain engaged in conversations to get better results from your Facebook page.

Whether you log on five times a day or once a day, you need to make a habit to check your business page at least once each day. This will allow you to respond to communicators quickly while helping them with their problems.

4. Update

Many businesses create a Facebook page and never add anything new to it. If you have a christmas promotion going on in the summer, people are going to be confused.

You need to update your Facebook page as time goes by. Whether it’s a seasonal deal or a new line of products, you need to introduce these items quickly to your social base.

Always leverage the value of your likes on Facebook. Every time you have a new deal or product, introduce it through Facebook. You will have the opportunity to get your product/service out to your loyal fans for absolutely FREE.

5. Relevant Media

If you are on Facebook, people want you to show them the personal side of your business. Whether it’s the wacky things you guys do in the workplace or pictures of equipment/production stations, people are genuinely interested in your business.

Feel free to use the videos, photos, and statuses on Facebook to leverage your social base. Show them the things about your businesses that others do not see.

People love getting personal with individuals and businesses. If they like your page, there must be something that made them do that. Use that to your advantage and take them behind the scenes.


1 out of 8 minutes is spent on Facebook. Considering how many people there are in the world, that is a lot of time spent. It is extremely important to capitalize on these users on Facebook.

The tips and strategies above will help you increase your brand through the search engines. Feel free to share comments and thoughts below on this article.