How Reviewing Businesses Online can help Customers Get Better Services

Your reviews have a significant value for any business owner, whose products / services were availed by you. When you review online, not only you but the business owner also gets benefited. You speak of either your grievances or good experiences, and both are equally important for the business. Good reviews attract more customers while bad reviews improve the business.

Always remember: “YOUR REVIEWS MATTER”

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Actually your reviews act as a kind of advertisement for the business. The name and product of the business gets exposed to so many customers online. This increases customer awareness and they get to know what is the business all about and what kind of service it provides. No other advertisement medium can compete with the power of online reviews. Other traditional marketing programs cannot give a business the vast exposure that online reviews can easily provide.

Robert Tolliday, the general manager of an online local business directory True Local and the commercial director at Sensis, said that reviews really benefit small businesses because:

#1. Reviews get the business known to different audiences.
#2. The business gets a positive reputation.
#3. Business becomes available through online search.

Most of the time it has been seen that people buy a product or avail a service only after analyzing its online reviews. Minutely they analyze how the business provides services to its customers and what kind of product they supply. Reviews are also capable of influencing the search engine results. Google keeps an account of how many times the name of your business has been mentioned in the reviews. If the customers review your business continuously, you will soon find your business at the top of the search results. Being at the top of the search results will get your business more customers and gradually boost your business growth.

Research also shows that, people generally tend to trust their peer group. The business recommended by their peer group always gets a higher score in their mind. To get this point cleared, a research was carried out named 2009 Nielsen survey , where it was seen that out of 25,000 internet audiences and customers from about 50 countries, 90% of them trusted their peer group while availing a business, while 70% believed on the online reviews. So, online reviews that recommend a business, has a greater value and is a powerful mode of marketing.

Customers who write reviews regarding improving a business, suggesting what went wrong and criticize a business, are the best type of customers. They actually get the business better each day. Reading the reviews, business owners understand the areas they areas they need to work upon, and provide you better services from the next time. Moreover, some customers have better ways and suggestions regarding your business. It is your chance to interact with your customers and discuss business ideas and allow the business to grow in a much better way. So, the next time you go to a restaurant, buy a product or avail a service, always review them online. The review can be of praising them or criticizing them for their services or product. Whatever be it, you must write your opinion online to get a much better service from the next time.

While a customer posts a review online, it not only helps the business get better and bigger each day, but also develops a close relationship between the customer and the business owner. With such a sharing of ideas by the customer, the business owner comes to know the areas to focus on, and makes the necessary improvements to deliver a better product/service. While the business gives importance to its customers, the customers also start getting better services and products. A happy and healthy bond between the customer and the business owner is very important to get the business known to the world.

Business owners must understand that their customers are their priority and they must find out new ways to retain them. A happy customer will always stay by you. Customer feedbacks are of much importance. Every time customers avail a service from a business, the business should ask them for their reviews or feedbacks. In this manner, businesses will understand who their potential customers are and who are going to leave soon. In the same manner, a customers should also understand that if they want to avail the best service or the best product, they should review the business. Your grievances act as a kind of motivation for the business owners. If the customers do not complain, how will the business improve? In the same manner, if the customer doesn’t praise, how will the business know they are doing better?


There are different online sites like Yelp, Brown Book and Vintelli where a business listed there can be reviewed. But you can also create your own business site to review your particular business. Customers will only be interested to write a review about your business when they will find you replying. To retain your customers with you, you can take their emails and phone numbers and send them different offers now and then. You can also start a pay back card system so that your customers can benefit while shopping from you. Customers really like coupon system and with that you can keep your customers engaged with you.

So, the most important thing is, in order to get better services you need to speak your heart out. People generally think reviews to be of less importance. But after reading this article you might be pretty sure how important a review is. It’s not only your right but also your duty to review the business you have availed. Some of the businesses provide QR code. These unique codes automatically direct you to the business website, after you scan them with your phone. It’s a really unique and easy way and you won’t face a problem while reviewing a business with it. So, the next time you avail a business, make it a point to review them. The customer’s opinion and the business owner’s solution makes a great and successful business.

You can also give your valuable reviews in Vintelli, go to its website or download the app. Lots of successful business are listed in Vintelli. Search and find your favorite business from Vintelli. Also you can download Vintelli app from the below app stores and start reviewing.

Google Play Store:

iOS App –

Amazon App Store –

8 Best Los Angeles Restaurants To Celebrate Fine Dining This Christmas

Best Los Angeles Restaurants To Celebrate Fine Dining This Christmas 1

Christmas happiness is getting a dinner reservation at a fine restaurant.

Occasional treats like this do not happen everyday. In fact some of our fondest memories and best moments arise when gathered around the table, amidst great food and great company.

Probably that is what the perks of dining in a fine restaurant are all about. You get good company, good food and good ambience – the things you and your loved ones look forward to have when Christmas holidays begin. Quite delightfully, many of America’s best restaurants are going to stay open on the day of Christmas eve. Some are also planning to surprise guests with special offers and new courses that are generally not served on regular days. Let’s take a tour in Los Angeles to see what the chefs in the city of big dreams have in store for their Christmas guests and party lovers this year-

#1 – Chaya Brasserie Beverly Hills

A twist of Japanese cuisine and French delicacy, the Chaya Downtown LA has much to offer on the plate this Christmas eve. Eat, drink and cherish the moment – enjoy a fulfilling feast of the seven dishes with your friends and family on this big day. This is a Christmas special table d’hote and guests can enjoy their meal with half off wine that would be served during both lunch and dinner.

Image Source:
Image Source:

Reservation is required. Anyone who wishes to be a part of this lavish dining experience may book their table right now.

Not much of a fish monger? Looking for something different to talk about? Then drop in at Chaya Venice to experience the 12 Nights of Chaya, featuring special ingredients, fun promotion and more. Holiday offers also include gift cards and bonus cards for specified purchases from the restaurant.

#2 – Taix French Country Cuisine

Lunch, happy hours or late night, this elegant restaurant sure is a place to be when one is in downtown Los Angeles. Known for its authentic food menu and award winning wine cellar, the Taix is all set up to welcome guests this Christmas eve with fine dining and delicious foods. The French restaurant will be offering guests with a prix-fixe three course meal style, which will include French onion soup, Tuna Tartare with Sherry Vinaigrette, Escargot de Bourgogne baked in the shell with fresh garlic butter, Baked Baby Brie, Roasted Pork Tenderloin served with black olive sauce, Veal Ossobucco, Prime Rib, Roasted Salmon Filet with champagne sauce, Porobello Risotto with baby spinach, cream and parmesan cheese, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Peach Tart, Cheese Plate and more.

Image Source:
Image Source:

Reservations are requested if you are planning to experience this exquisite French style cuisine this Christmas. Serving hours will remain open from 4:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m.

#3 –The Little Door

If you love French food, then this modern day French brasserie is the perfect place to be this Christmas season. Just step in to celebrate Holiday specials and Culinary Jubilee with some of the top chefs in the city. Guests can even look for holiday gift cards and pre-order cakes for Christmas celebration.

Image Source:
Image Source:

#4 – Patina Restaurant Group

The Patina Restaurant Group in Los Angeles will be serving guests with special three, four and eight course prix fixe dinners this Christmas eve. Some of the dishes will include Scallop Carpaccio with finger lime, thai basil and oro blanco, Foie Gras with sweetbread, carrot ginger and huckleberry, Wild Turbot with violet potato, caper and shellfish nage, Coconut Rocher with white chocolate and lemongrass foam, Abalone with oyster, shitake, jamon iberico, Stinky Toffee Pudding with candied chestnuts and fior di latte and others. The three course meal is $85; the four course meal is $100 and the eight course meal is $150.

Image Source:
Image Source:

There will also be a special Christmas eve cocktail and wine menu, from where guests can sip into the rich taste of signature cocktails, champagne and wine. There is more! You can visit the website to check out the address of the venue and where to contact in order to reserve a table this Christmas eve.

#5 – WP 24 by Wolfgang Puck

Sip, taste and celebrate this Winter chill with some of the most innovative menus brought to you by the Wolfgang Puck Catering team. What you will get? Some of the unique tastes and creative cuisines of the season like – Parmesan Crisp with Caramelized Pears, Candied Walnuts and Micro Arugula, Tiny Butter Squash Tart with Caramelized Onions, Fontina and Crispy Sage, Chicken Liver Mousse Crostini with Pomegranate Powder and Date Puree, Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Pear Chutney, Roasted Chicken with Caramelized Butter Squash, Port Braised Pears, Pan Sauce and Pearl Onions, Hot Cherry Turnovers with Vanilla Sugar, Black Forest Parfaits, Braised Short Rib with White Chedar Polenta Toast, Crispy Onions and Mustard Bordelaise, etc.

Image Source:
Image Source:

You can check out the entire menu list from the website or reserve your table to celebrate the Winter with your dear ones.

#6 – La Serenata de Garibaldi

Take your family and friends to this wonderful place and discover the joyful celebration of life with great food and rich taste. Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner; book your table now for an appetizing eat out to remember this Christmas. Dishes include Continental or Mexican Shrimp Cocktail, Grilled Scallops topped with mushrooms, peppers and onions, Cornmeal Fish Turnover filled with cheese, herbs, fish or meat, double Cornmeal layered Fresh Quesdillas topped with cheese, herbs, meat and spices, Shrimp Soup served with rice, Fish Tacos served with rice, beans and soup, Fish Enchiladas in Green Chili Sauce and served with rice, beans and soup, Mexican Guavas in Light Cream and more. Beverages include a long list of beer, wine, fresh fruit drink, soft drinks,etc. You can have a look into their menu to know more about their menu list.

Image Source:

They also have online order options for food pickup and delivery system. You will have to order in advance if you want to share an evening full of Mexican delight this season. Enjoy!

#7 – Rosa Mexicano

It’s full of holiday happenings at Rosa Mexicano this winter. Eat, drink and celebrate this year’s Christmas with Rosa Mexicano’s special holiday menu that will be served all day. Some of the special dish names include steamed Lamb shank coated in garlic, chiles and spices and served wrapped up in parchment paper, grilled salmon served over sauteed Tuscan kale, roasted corn in poblano cream sauce and chorizo, roasted chicken tinga served with creamy tomatilla sauce, onion, cilatron and melted Chihuahua cheese, Rosa Mexicano’s signature tres enchiladas namely Suiza, Ranchera and Mestiza, etc.

Image Source:
Image Source:

Check out their Christmas special menu list from their website. You can even receive a $20 bonus gift card for every holiday gift card purchase worth $100.

#8 – Culina

Book your table to enjoy a fine dining experience in modern Italian style, as Culina brings to you a Christmas eve dinner special on December 24th. This will be an authentic five course Christmas offering that will feature dishes like La Burrata with grilled persimmon chocolate and Italian Burrata, Lasagne Napoletana and a choice of Tagliata ( New York steak, Italian baked potatoes and porcini) or II Cartoccio (wild caught clams and branzino). Dining hours will be open from 6 to 10:30 pm and the cost for each person will be $85 (exclusive of tax and other gratuity).

Image Source:
Image Source:

You can visit the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles to celebrate the Christmas special day brunch too. Choices are plenty and guests would be left spoilt with more choice. Cost per person will be $109 and you can book a table online.

So whatever holiday feasting wish you may have this time, book your table now before the closing bells ring. Do not forget to share your fine dining experience with us and millions of readers who are going through this post right now. We would love to hear about the dishes that had left your nose tingling with delight and your mouth open and drooling. Bon appetit!

3 Effective Tips to Achieve Success in Local Business

A key aim of the marketing strategy of any small business is to create a position for its brand in the search engine results. However, can you dominate the search results with the help of content you control, or with content you have influenced? YES. You can effectively enhance your visibility in the search results by using quality content and coverage. To make your local business a success, you need to know the right strategies that would get you the desired results.

Local Business Tips | Vintelli

Below appear some invaluable tips that can help your business get an impressive position in the search results:

1. Optimize the information on your website properly

Your business site is one of your most valuable and important online assets. So, make sure that your site is optimized well so that it shows high in the search results.

  • Come up with a domain name showing your business location and business type. For instance, Billy’s Bakery, a bakery chain in New York, has the domain name “” that includes all the necessary elements.

  • Include keywords on the page title identifying with your business location, services and type.

  • Include the name, phone number and address of your business not only in the contact page or homepage, but also in every individual page of the website.

  • Apart from outlining your offerings, make sure the site copy has as much of information about your locality as possible, to associate your business further with your vicinity. For instance, note the region of the town where you are, the sports team playing in that region or the park around the corner. Such added details would not only make your site better for the customers, but would also enhance your search visibility in the form of a local business.

2. Update, build out and secure your business listings on the local websites

A highly effective tactic of boosting local SEO is to make sure that the listing information of your business is available and consistent across different third-party sources. These sites are constantly scanned by Google and the other search engines to create a solid understanding of your business and the local web.

If your business is not listed, or your business information is inaccurate or incomplete, your business’s position in the search results may diminish or get impacted negatively.

  • Search the prominent local listing websites like Yellowbook, Google, Facebook and Dexknows to make sure that your company is listed in them, and your business address, phone and name are accurate and consistent. Make the necessary changes and remove the duplicate pages. If you want something more than just online visibility, list your business in Vintelli. Vintelli is an innovative mobile and web directory that not only provides your business more visibility, but also calculates your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) based on customer reviews on various platforms. This CSI can help you build customer trust and get more sales.

  • Build your listing using your website URL, videos, photos and other important information to make your business listing more appealing and informative to prospective customers.

  • In case your business operates in multiple locations, make different listings for every location on your site for enhancing your brand’s visibility as well as that of each store of your business.

3. Employ a proper link strategy

Links to other websites from your website and vice versa, contribute to the SEO visibility of your business, as they establish your business’s credibility and authenticity. However, using unrelated links would damage your visibility over time.

  • Share links to the site consistently through Twitter, Facebook and other such social networks, and encourage people to pass the information.

  • Add links to the site in your email newsletters and any other updates to your customers.

  • Sponsor or host local events, or offer discounts to neighborhood students. Then, ask the charity organizations, local chamber of commerce, the neighborhood businesses and your other partners to provide links to your site while discussing those activities.

So, implement these tips today in your digital marketing strategy to offer exposure to your local business. These techniques would help you take your small business to the next level.

How to Fight Fake Reviews and Build Better Brand Reputation Online

We understand the harmful side effects that negative reviews can leave on your online business reputation and that is why our previous article was all about how can fake reviews ruin your local business for real. Whether it is in favor or against a particular business service, posting fake reviews is without doubt, a bad practice.

Fight Back Fake Reviews

It can affect businesses of any size, big or small. While some businesses tend to fall victim to their own greed that leads them to hire professional writers to write good reviews in their favor, others (especially big businesses) become victims to malicious reviews for absolutely no fault of their own. It feels frustrating to listen to some of those bitterest criticisms thrown against you when you are aware that you have done nothing as such to even earn it. Some of these are written by competitors, ex-employees or even customers who tend to carry some kind of grudge against you and again there are some that are genuine. Nevertheless, the truth is, a bad review can cause a significant damage to your online business reputation in an instant.

Take a look at the MC Donald’s story

Little did the famous food chain realize that their friendly social media hashtag campaign (#mcdstories) would backfire so unexpectedly to become a horror story. Many Twitter users began using the hashtag to share their bad experiences. An example of bad publicity, the brand decided to pull out from the campaign in order to prevent it from becoming a disaster. Well, too late for that, for the damage (though to some extent) has already been done and everyone now knows how bad publicity online can harm a business reputation within the blink of an eye.

But would you have preferred had MC Donald’s done something different that day, instead of pulling out of the campaign altogether? That is where you realize that your online reputation management calls for prudent and swift action, which is very important to focus on when you have got to deal with fake reviews.

Dealing With Fake Reviews

The milk has been spilt and there is no more point in crying over it. Neither would you think about replying back to your reviewers with verbal attacks and accusations. This would create a false impression for other viewers who may come to the page to read your business reviews and become unexpected witnesses to your bad attitude. Relax! You can deal the fake reviews better than this. There are ways in which you can deal with them smartly, but before that, the number one rule is to have patience.

Patience is the ability to keep good attitude even when you are in your bad times

#1 – Identify the Fake Reviews

Don’t ignore them! For the more you do so, the more these spammers are likely to take advantage of it. Remember, if your competitor had the heart to set you on a damaging spree by posting fake reviews, then their efforts to harm you could become all the more relentless if ignored. Nip it in the bud as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on the reviews that your business is receiving on various sites and even set up Google Alerts for your company name. Start growing your brand reputation by acquiring and asking your customers for reviews that are positive and true.

#2 – Research a Review Before Declaring it Fake

Just like posting of fake reviews is a bad practice, making quick assumptions that a particular negative review is false is also not a good policy. It can happen, that someone genuine is not happy with your business service and wants you to know about it. Therefore, take some time to make a thorough research before you start declaring that a particular review is false. There are many ways by which you can identify a fake review and some of the common traits that are generally to be identified are – heavy usage of industry lingo, weak nature of the account profile from where a review is being posted and the viciousness of the tone of the review. If you are trying to identify a review over the social networking platforms such Facebook and Google+, then make a search in order to detect any trace of connection between the reviewer’s profile and that of your competitor. You can then have the review removed by contacting the respective website where it has been posted. Review sites don’t often agree to remove a negative review unless they find it going against their rules and conditions. However, if you have valid evidence to make a strong claim then you can challenge them. You can even use these real evidences to inform the Better Business Bureau or the Local Chamber of Commerce and bring the matter to their attention. In order to combat problems like this, a lot of review sites are now coming up with unique algorithms that can help businesses fix this problem by streaming out fake and biased reviews completely.

#3 – Respond to Fake Reviews

Responding to fake reviews is a smart approach. This way, you can get the chance to defend yourself and your reputation while at the same time look into the matter. You can do it yourself or register with an online directory site that has got one of those direct customer communication support from where you can manage your accounts across multiple social sites, manage your reviews, keep track of the latest updates and even respond to a particular customer with a better solution.

But responding to negative reviews out in the open calls for a constructive approach. According to some experts, the best way to deal with them is to respond to such reviews in a way that makes it clear to any third party who is reading the conversation. Treat an unhappy customer with compassion and contrition but at the same time keeping it all professional. Remember, you have got a professional image to restore. If you decide to flag a particular review and follow it up with a response, then make sure that it highlights your professionalism and customer commitment to other potential clients. Southwest Airlines is a good example you can take cue from. Their brand management in response to a particular crisis helped them to earn a number of good reviews and even helped them build up a reputation among their customers.

#4 – Build a Strong Digital Media Presence

With so many reviews that get posted every day, how do you keep a watch on all of them? Besides, it is not always easy to identify and differentiate a fake review from a genuine one. Even if you manage to respond to certain fake reviews, some of them might persist and hence damage your online reputation. Nevertheless, sometimes the best way you can tackle these fake reviews is by drowning them with the ones that are real and are positive. Try collecting as many as 10 positive reviews every week and stay consistent. Keep a track on your business profile operations across different social sites and online directories to follow important data. If you find it difficult to follow activities across multiple platforms all at the same time, then try registering with one of those online directories that provide users with an intelligent dashboard that can help you manage all your profile summaries, keep track of all your newsfeeds and even manage your activities from one place only. Building a strong digital media presence takes time, so why not start doing it as early as possible.

#5 – Stop Getting Angry and Frustrated

That is not the key to getting over fake and negative reviews. What you can do is think about ways to make your business brand more strong and engaging among your customers. You can encourage your customers to post good reviews on your behalf by indirectly indicating how much you would appreciate their feedback in case they are satisfied with your service. You can offer special discounts or vouchers as incentives to improve your customer engagement and loyalty. You can even share QR codes across the social media sites and invite people from your social media group to experience a smart business service.

Choose your options wisely

However, that does not mean you go crucifying everyone who comes up with even the slightest criticism. After all, a little bit of criticism can help to make you look at your business from a different angle, which in turn would help you out to come up with better service. But if fake reviews come to trouble you, now you know what necessary actions to take to troubleshoot them away.

How Data Analytics Can Help Determine Your Next Business Strategy?

Today’s business market has more competition to face, compared to what it used to be couple of years back. While customers are the king of all decisions and choices, businesses are eager to know everything about their relevant targets in advance so that they can survive the internet marketing rage.

Luckily, with the ever growing digital age, new adaptation of technology and more engagement with social media platforms, there appears to be no dearth of data that businesses can extract and make good use of in their internet marketing strategy. Besides, data today is not simply confined to just velocity and volume, but can be classified according to variety, complexity and variability that play an important role by giving companies information about competitors, demographics, market trends, customer traits and even economic shifts.


With a single purchase transaction detail, an ecommerce store would be able to make a better suggestion relevant to what the customer is looking for, the next time he/she visits the place. An authentic customer review assures a buyer regarding the quality of the service or the product that he will purchase. With targeted business listing, businesses can track down the region where there is scope for a potential consumer market. An optimized search engine placement will give customers information, relevant to what they are looking for in the internet.

This is Big Data, and how does data analysis play a vital role in a business strategy today?

Here are the reasons that explain the relevance of data analysis in a business strategy –

#1 – Better Business Performance

An analysis of big data helps you to understand the factors that make your organization work. The findings of the analysis will guide you with your strategy plan and help you make your business grow stronger and smarter.

#2 – Understanding Market Sentiments

Data analytics brings you a complete presentation of the customer behavior history in the market. This lets you decide whether your internet marketing strategy is right and how you would like to take it further for better conversion.

#3 – Tracking Down of Competitor Strategy

With big data, you understand what is trending in the market at present and how your competitors are behaving to customer reactions. You might follow the same pattern or maybe think about a better idea that will make you surpass your rivals in the competition.

#4 – Minimize Promotion Plan Risks

Taking wrong decisions is one of the major risks and businesses often suffer from wastage of time, energy and resources due to wrong decisions. This can be minimized especially in connection to promotional works, for with data you can easily identify any potential opportunities available in the region where you are working, or target particular market segments at the right time and within a suitable age group.

#5 – Engaging Social Media Presence

Your social media campaign becomes more engaging when you know whom and how you are going to approach. This improves your social media optimization strategy so that you can monitor your presence and make a better engagement with your audience and target communities.

#6 – Welcome New Plans

When you are able to understand your consumer needs, innovation begins. And this is where data analysis plays the key role, and you can utilize this information to improve your services or maybe introduce a new campaign altogether.

Big data analytics indeed has a major role to play in an age where the epicenter of market trends tends to shift continuously and businesses need to keep a track of the market in order to win the game.