How Data Analytics Can Help Determine Your Next Business Strategy?

Today’s business market has more competition to face, compared to what it used to be couple of years back. While customers are the king of all decisions and choices, businesses are eager to know everything about their relevant targets in advance so that they can survive the internet marketing rage.

Luckily, with the ever growing digital age, new adaptation of technology and more engagement with social media platforms, there appears to be no dearth of data that businesses can extract and make good use of in their internet marketing strategy. Besides, data today is not simply confined to just velocity and volume, but can be classified according to variety, complexity and variability that play an important role by giving companies information about competitors, demographics, market trends, customer traits and even economic shifts.


With a single purchase transaction detail, an ecommerce store would be able to make a better suggestion relevant to what the customer is looking for, the next time he/she visits the place. An authentic customer review assures a buyer regarding the quality of the service or the product that he will purchase. With targeted business listing, businesses can track down the region where there is scope for a potential consumer market. An optimized search engine placement will give customers information, relevant to what they are looking for in the internet.

This is Big Data, and how does data analysis play a vital role in a business strategy today?

Here are the reasons that explain the relevance of data analysis in a business strategy –

#1 – Better Business Performance

An analysis of big data helps you to understand the factors that make your organization work. The findings of the analysis will guide you with your strategy plan and help you make your business grow stronger and smarter.

#2 – Understanding Market Sentiments

Data analytics brings you a complete presentation of the customer behavior history in the market. This lets you decide whether your internet marketing strategy is right and how you would like to take it further for better conversion.

#3 – Tracking Down of Competitor Strategy

With big data, you understand what is trending in the market at present and how your competitors are behaving to customer reactions. You might follow the same pattern or maybe think about a better idea that will make you surpass your rivals in the competition.

#4 – Minimize Promotion Plan Risks

Taking wrong decisions is one of the major risks and businesses often suffer from wastage of time, energy and resources due to wrong decisions. This can be minimized especially in connection to promotional works, for with data you can easily identify any potential opportunities available in the region where you are working, or target particular market segments at the right time and within a suitable age group.

#5 – Engaging Social Media Presence

Your social media campaign becomes more engaging when you know whom and how you are going to approach. This improves your social media optimization strategy so that you can monitor your presence and make a better engagement with your audience and target communities.

#6 – Welcome New Plans

When you are able to understand your consumer needs, innovation begins. And this is where data analysis plays the key role, and you can utilize this information to improve your services or maybe introduce a new campaign altogether.

Big data analytics indeed has a major role to play in an age where the epicenter of market trends tends to shift continuously and businesses need to keep a track of the market in order to win the game.

How Will You Create A Sticky Content?

What is a sticky content? It is a content that creates a community of repeat visitors by bringing them back to a particular website more often. In this way, it becomes an extremely cost-effective solution for a Webmaster that captures a reader’s attention, sends traffic to the main website, and drives home branding. In short, the story of the content becomes so memorable that it leaves a lost-lasting impact on the minds of the visitors, and so contagious that they are literally forced to share it.

Creating a sticky content is an art… an art that is not restricted to traditional textual content. Videos and infographics, in fact, have a deeper effect on a human mind by means of their visual storytelling pattern. And this is the reason why content creators need years and years of practice for getting the perfect tone in a content in order to make it “stick” to his visitors.

Sticky Content

So, how will you create a sticky content? While you have to figure out your unique way of dealing with it as you know your target audience better than anyone does, I can guide you with the basic principles (or the founding blocks) of creating a sticky content.

#1. KISS

Oh, this KISS is not the kiss you think! This KISS literally means, “Keep It Simple, Stupid”. You need to understand that you are writing for all kinds of people, and therefore, going for something too technical or nuanced can become too complicated at times. Keep the content dense and informative, but also very succinct and concrete. If you HAVE to tread on the borders of complicated stuff, try introducing analogies and visual language, as they are easier to grasp.

#2. Be Unexpected

If you observe carefully, then you are sure to realize that any content that has received a stupendous amount of social shares always has something (even if a little bit) unexpected inside it. So, why don’t you test a negative headline? Say, for instance, “5 Ways In Which You Get A Google Penalty”. While we are all so accustomed to see bundles of health-related posts on the benefits of running, your unique headline and a unique story is sure to capture the attention you desire.

#3. Bring Everything Together

You will find individual content focusing on individual topics. Well, this has been the norm so far. So, why don’t you step out-of-the-box and tell a story that has everything in it? A single content that has every detail on a relevant topic always has a greater chance of being liked than 2 or 3 content talking individually. This will make your content a more preferred and more visited than any other piece out there on the Web.

These 3 basic principles will help you start your quest towards achieving a sticky content. Did I miss something? Do you have a few more points to add? Feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below.

Move Aside YouTube! There Are Other Ways To Market A Video Too

We all know that Google is the largest search engine in the world. According to a recently conducted survey, it was seen that over 93% U.S. citizens were able to give the correct answer out of all the people who were asked. However, the big surprise came with neither Yahoo nor Bing being able to get the prestigious second spot. It is YouTube, the popular video sharing site, which is currently ranked No.2. But if thought carefully, it won’t seem like much of a shocker.

Video sharing sites have grown in popularity because of the way content presentation has changed over the recent years. People no longer have the time to read large text-based content; their preference has inclined towards infographics and videos. And this is why YouTube is such a massive phenomenon when it comes to promotional strategies.

With every entrepreneur vouching for YouTube in order to promote their products and services, you might think that the secrets of exploiting YouTube to your benefit have already been utilized somewhere. To your relief, your video marketing endeavors are not restricted to just YouTube. There are plenty other sites like Vimeo, Voeh and Blip where you can implement your strategies effectively.

First things first: the message through your video will have a greater chance of reaching more people if you upload it on more sites. You need to syndicate the video to make it reach other sites. There is a high possibility that a person who refuses to view your video on YouTube take a liking to it once he watches it on some other site. While most of these sites are free, there are some which associate fees with video marketing. So, cover as much as you can keeping your budget in mind.

Next comes in social media, i.e. making your video go viral via Twitter and Facebook. You need to make your video reach your target customers, and YouTube is not the only option you have when it comes to targeting video uploads. In comes Merchant Circle and Google’s Places for Business which are both well reputed in offering great video marketing opportunities.

And last but not the least, your video content should convey a proper meaning no matter where it is posted. Always remember that people are looking to get information, and only a meaningful and catchy video will attract them to your business. Before posting the first video, keep several others shot and ready to go. Things will remain appealing and logical only if each video builds on the previous one.

To get a clearer idea of video marketing, let’s take a good look at this infographic.

4 Tips for Successful Customer Service Through Social Media

Face it, almost everyone is engaging on the social media. While this is great for human connection and businesses, there are some disadvantages with this.
Just the other day, I was taken on a rodeo trip around Macy’s to make a return! I was so unhappy about the experience, I tweeted about it and got no response. In the past, my bad experiences with companies like Go Daddy or Express were solved immediately because they had great social media customer service.


The days of complaining to a stores manager are almost over. If I send out a tweet or Facebook message to one of these companies publicly, most of them respond and try to solve my problems immediately.


Here are 4 tips for successful customer service through social media:


1. Monitor Mentions 24/7

If you own a business or franchise, you need to hire someone to monitor mentions constantly. Whether it’s a direct message or mention, the goal is to get back to customers in distress immediately.


When someone reaches out to your brand through social media, the response time needs to be as close to zero as possible. People don’t want to wait hours or even days to hear back, especially when they’re mad.


2. Search Customers Talking About You

Mentions only tell half the story. In reality, people all over the world can talk about your business negatively or positively without you knowing it. Thus, it’s very important to search the social medias constantly to see who’s talking about you.


Again, response rate is very crucial so it is recommended to do this as often as possible. To build a brand everyone loves, you must be quick and helpful when others face problems.


3. Be More Than A Problem Solver

Sometimes solving a problem alone isn’t enough. If Macy’s would have solved my problem yesterday somehow through Twitter, I still wouldn’t be happy or consider going back there anytime soon.


They wasted almost an hour and a half of my time, which I can never get back. However, if they had offered me a free gift card for my troubles or gone past just solving the problem, I would have been much more grateful. Great customer service isn’t just about fixing problems, it’s about going above and beyond to help others.


4. Draw The Line Somewhere

Many brands suffer because they don’t know when to put their foot down on social media. People will talk about your business negatively if they want, even if you have done nothing wrong.


It’s almost impossible to change their minds or get them to delete their tweets. Sometimes, it’s good to draw the line somewhere and let bygones be bygones. Finding the appropriate balance between justice on social media is very important.



As you can imagine, social media has quickly taken over the world. Businesses of all sizes are having quite a tough time dealing with all these changes. However, if you stay focused and stick to your businesses values, you will do just fine!

5 Ways To Engage Users On Your Website


With the recent surge of the internet, it’s all about engaging users through a good experience on your website. Those who fail to provide this exciting experience loses the attention span of visitors. What’s worse than spending money to bring a user to your website only to have them leave because you weren’t interesting enough?


If you’re going to spend the time and money to bring users to your website, you want to convert them into customers. How do you do this? Well, websites with higher conversion rates do something to engage users that keep their attention on what’s important.


Here are 5 proven strategies that work well to engage users on your website:


1. Freebies

Seriously, who doesn’t love FREE stuff? If you give me something FREE, you will keep me on your website for a good amount of time. The best way to engage a user is to offer them something free.


In order for the user to unlock his/her ‘Freebie’, make them work for it. Make them scroll through and read through the information you want them to know before giving them something for free.


2. Mind Blowing Experience

Do something on your website that hasn’t been done before. You can create an amazing tour, provide a great experience, or even have an interactive application. When a user comes to a website unlike any other, he/she really becomes engaged.


They want to know why your website is the way it is, what you do, and will quite often share their good experience with others. Find a unique way to convey information, prices, or even features to your customer that keeps their attention on what’s important.


3. Build A Community

Users love to communicate with one another. Whether they want to debate online or hear funny things others say, conversations sell. People tend to be far more engaged when they see others similar to them discussing or staying involved within a website.


Whether you build a community discussion board, add a forum, or even put real-time tweets on your website……it’s a great way to engage the visitor. Not only that, but it may even interest them in participating!


4. Be Seasonal

Every new season or holiday, do something new on your website. Whether it’s something as simple as adding a santa hat on your logo or a completely new design, users will be far more engaged.


Not only that, but everyone loves the holiday spirit. If your website has a holiday feel to it, people get happy and happiness leads to an obvious increase in sales.


5. Tell A Story

People connect with stories a lot more than they do with a product. Marketing is all about selling an idea and letting customers determine the value of your products on their own. Your website needs to tell a story.


Stories engage users and lets them know they are dealing with humans instead of just a company. Your website is far more engaging when you tell a story, share your teams faces, and even talk about how the company came to fruition.



An engaging website is becoming more and more essential. As the internet is becoming more competitive, websites need to do something to stand out. A quick and easy way to engage your users is by utilizing some of the strategies mentioned above.