Tumblr Can Do Wonders To Your Business

Unfortunately Tumblr is often overlooked as a powerful social media and Internet marketing strategy. It has the potential to change the SEO game for the benefit of your business. But only when you will know how to use it well. The perks of using Tumblr are great but only after you get a hang of the wonders it can do to your business. Why the sudden craze for Tumblr?

# Since August 2013, there have been 130.5 million blogs on Tumblr.
# According to Comscore, it is the 28th traffic generating website.
# Tumblr caters to the needs of the youth because 50% if the visitors are below the age of 25.

So be on Tumblr and explore the opportunities that your business can receive because of this platform.

Business Tumblr

Why Your Business must be on Tumblr?

  • Dofollow Links – One of the major problems that entrepreneurs come across while promoting their business on the networking profiles is the nofollow links. But you can make way for this problem because while blogging in Tumblr you have the scope to put in dofollow links. That’s not all, Tumblr has a built-in social sharing functionality in their blogging pages. This implies, reposting any blog on the other tumblrogs is possible.
  • Your Content gets Tested – Tumblr has an awesome system where you can actually test how good or bad your content is. Wondering how you would get to know that? The chronological approach allow readers to scroll past the content that doesn’t excite them, only to settle for blogs that is far more interesting according to them. So if you wish to analyze the kind of content that your target audience prefer the most, then post a couple of blogs to find out which ones hit their attention maximum number of times.
  • Exploring New Content – All thanks to hashtags, readers can have a macroscopic view of the blogs that are available in Tumblr. So discover new blogs with the help of the hashtags. So put in the relevant tags so that readers can spot you easily. This is also great news for many web copywriters because they can easily create new ideas when they are running short of their own ideas. This would also help entrepreneurs to build in followers soon.
  • Branding – We all know how much social media plays a crucial role in branding your business amongst your target audience. So establish your presence in the virtual world with the help of Tumblr. If the target group of your business is a lot focused on the younger generation, then Tumblr is the place for you because the youth is a lot Tumblr-centric.

So it is time for you to switch to Tumblr and create a niche of your own and be the king of it.

Market Your Blog & Promote Your Business

Blogging is a passion for many and for some lucky souls it is their passion that has turned into a profession. Many would often wonder how can a passion for blogging turn into a successful profession. Well, blogging helps to make or break the marketing strategies for several companies. So let’s check out how writing blogs can help you to market your business.

Market Your Blog to bring in the Revenue

  • Talk about Your Latest Products – Blogs are a great platform to talk exclusively about your products. Since it is your blog, you have the liberty to give a detailed account of your product and write blogs based on the likes and preferences of your target group. If you are into blogging, then you are sure to have a strong fan base. Understanding the content style that your fan base prefer helps you to directly address them the way they wish to hear about your latest products.
  • Mention about Special Offers during Festivals or Celebrations – Special offers during social occasions are a great way to promote your business and pump up your sales. The special celebration could be anything from Mother’s day to Halloween to even Christmas. So have exciting offers with special discounts since they are the attractions that can draw customers towards you. And what better way to let them know about your special goodies than your blog.
  • Encourage Guest Blogging – Guest posting is a great way to generate traffic. And the best part about this kind of marketing is the fact that both parties are at a gain. So the more you allow guests posts, higher will be the volume of traffic. Guest posts also help you to have fresh ideas about writing on a particular niche. When you write on a particular genre for months, your ideas tend to dry up and that is when guest posts help you to keep your blogs interesting.
  • Add Social Sharing Buttons below Your Post – The latest update on Google states that the more social shares a particular content has, Google will push it right up in the SERPs. So for now you need to wipe off all your old strategies and focus more on making your content viral via social media. Your first step towards achieving this would be to add almost all the social sharing buttons near your content. This allows users to instantly share the content if they like it.
  • Mention Benefits about Your Products – Your customers are interested to spend the dollars on your product only if it has features that might benefit them. So how would they know whether the product will be of any good to them or not? It is during such situations that having a blog always helps. Blog is the perfect ground you have to explain to your customers why they should purchase that product, focusing on its features, followed by the benefits and why you are better than your contemporaries when it comes to such kinds of products.

People say that the pen is mightier than the sword, blog is the perfect platform you have to prove that to your customers and readers alike. And when you finally manage to nail the purchase, and see the dollar bell ringing, you would know it better that the saying is so true.

How Squidoo Can Help Increase Your Website Traffic?

Webmaster Rule No.1:You cannot rely on just a handful of sources when it comes to bringing traffic to your website. Rather, you must focus on getting backlinks from different domains.

Following the rule mentioned above, there are a few extremely powerful Web 2.0 websites that do not only have an envious daily traffic but also a fabulous domain authority. The first name among such websites that is coming to my mind right now is Squidoo. If you haven’t yet harnessed the endless opportunities offered by Squidoo, you are really missing out on something big.

Before I jump to the real deal, I need to inform you that there are 3 types of people who use Squidoo:

  1. People who love to write
  2. People who want to make money, and
  3. People who want to spread the word about their businesses

What is the best part of using Squidoo? If you love writing and need to spread the word about your business, you also get the chance to earn some extra bucks. And I’m not even getting started on how valuable every search engines considers the anchor links.

Squidoo brings Traffic

Using Squidoo to Increase your Website Traffic

How do you start using Squidoo in order to bring traffic to your website? The very first thing you should do is create Squidoo Lens. Make good use of the modules available to every Squidoo account holder. These modules will allow you to either insert a copy or upload an image – both of which you can link to your website using HTML codes.

Someone who is familiar with producing write-ups knows that there is a basic structure that needs to be followed. This is why the first module in Squidoo is normally the text-based one, which gets used for presenting an introduction to the actual body. Your visitors might not be very interested in coming down to read the body text. This is why I recommend you link to your website in the first module itself. In this way, chances of your website getting higher traffic will increase.

Moreover, you can also incorporate your blog’s RSS feed into your Lens.  Not only this, Squidoo also allows its users to embed YouTube videos into its special Video module. This means that you can include your YouTube videos into your Lens as well. But this is not it! You also have the option to link to your Facebook and Twitter profiles too. And lastly, the built-in SEO tools of Squidoo leads to high Google rankings in no time.

So the best way to bring higher traffic to your website is create Lens which are relevant to your website niche, harness every possible tool Squidoo has to offer, and watch your website receive the attention it never got before.

Ways To Make Your Blog A Long-lasting SEO Driver

From celebs and politicians to CEOs and copywriters – blogging is one such activity which has caught the attention and fancy of almost everybody. Yes, most of us do it to share a piece of our minds with the world. But what is the underlying purpose? Why do we actually create a blog site? Those of you who set up a blog site being aware of the greater good surely know the fact that a blog increases online visibility. This is the reason why there exists the popular phrase: “Blog regularly”. Once you blog regularly with fresh content, search engines take it as a signal that new content are getting added frequently and this increases the crawl frequency for your blog, and thus, the authority.

However, posting regular content is not enough. You need to make sure that you excavate and unearth the deeper secrets of SEO blogging. An SEO-friendly blog site can turn out to be your most trusted ally. How are you going to make that happen? Here are some useful tips to help you out:

#1. Optimize The Titles

You will have your regular readers coming in to read what you have written. But what about the ones who don’t know about your blog site? This is where the titles of your blog posts play a key role. If you have a keyword-rich title which is relevant to the body, it’ll not only be catchy but will also rank well in the result pages.

#2. Use Your Keywords

You’ll be writing on topics which are relevant to your business interests. As you will already be knowing what your targeted keywords are (by conducting a keyword research, of course), it’ll be easier for you to use them in your blog posts. Just make sure you do not overuse them and cause “keyword stuffing”.

#3. Use SEO Plug-in

You might use a web hosting control panel in order to blog. Or maybe a popular CMS like WordPress. No matter what the case is, you must always go for SEO plug-ins to ensure that all your blogs are properly optimized. For further reference, you can also take a look at some popular SEO plug-ins in WordPress.

#4. Use Internal Linking

Internal linking is as essential as external linking. You need to link a relevant phrase of a recent post with an older but relevant post. Internal linking is pretty useful when it comes to getting SEO advantages. Moreover, these links can also act as effective CTA (call-to-action) which will motivate your readers to find more about you and read more of your blog posts.

Google’s Angry Bird Goes A Step Further With It’s New Update

The terror (and the aftereffects) caused by Penguin 1 is still not over, and webmasters around the globe are still working tirelessly to bring back the lost SERP rankings of their respective websites. Meanwhile Google never stopped updating its Penguin 1 algorithm. Let’s have a look at the timeline of Penguin updates:

  • Penguin 1 – April 24, 2012 with an impact on 3.1% of queries
  • Penguin 2 – May 26, 2012 with an impact on 0.1% of queries
  • Penguin 3 – October 5, 2012 with an impact on 0.3% of queries
  • Penguin 4 (also known as Penguin 2.0) – May 22, 2013 with an impact on 2.3% of queries

Twitter saw Google’s Matt Cutts reveal on October 4, 2013 that a new Penguin is ready to get launched. The name of it is Penguin 5 or Penguin 2.1, and it is slated to affect 1% of all the search queries. Obviously, it is also a spam-fighting algorithm like its predecessors. So, what’s the “new” this one has to offer?


Confused Between Penguin 2.1 and Penguin 5?

When the Panda update came out on February 2011 in order to fight low-quality content, it was just known as “Panda”. The later two Panda updates got subsequently named into Panda 2 and Panda 3 algorithm updates. However from Panda 3, the numbering moved onto decimal points like 3.0 or 3.1. This, as later revealed by Google officials, was put into action due to the fact that these later updates were “minor” in magnitude and didn’t require a different numbering.

Similarly, Penguin 4 or Penguin 2.0 was the first major update after the original Penguin update of 2012. This latest one, being “minor” in magnitude as depicted by the impact it’ll have on search queries, has got included into the Penguin 2.0 update, and is now its subsidiary.

It’s Impact So Far:

While shots of Google Analytics have revealed drastic changes in the rankings of some websites, a few got elevated in the SERPs. The effect of Penguin 2.1 has been huge swings on both sides. The ones which continued resorting to the Black Hat tactics have been completely destroyed, while the previously-penalized websites which thought better and went with the White Hat ones have gone up. Some have recovered and some are at the brink of extinction.

Final Thoughts:

Like any other Penguin update, this one too is causing (and will continue to cause) problems to the webmasters. It’s possible that you are being hit! And if I were you, I would’ve immediately changed my ways and shifted my gear. Doing things Google’s way is the only way to survive…! So why not do the right things in the right way? If we are true to our work, we’ll undoubtedly reap great results sooner or later.