7 Incredible Restaurants to Take Your Mom To

There are not enough words in a dictionary to describe a mother. Words and emotions seem to fall short while talking about mothers. Mother is the true description of pure love. Your mental and emotional strength is the mother who brought you up so well. It’s natural, mothers have no cast, class or variation. They are the givers of pure and unconditional love.

Every day our mom cooks for us to keep us healthy and fit. So, taking our moms out for a lunch, brunch or dinner is an amazing way to make her feel special. Yesterday was the auspicious occasion of Mother’s Day. If you couldn’t do anything special yesterday, worry not! Because you don’t need any particular day to show your love to your mother.

restaurant for mothers day

Here is a list of 7 best restaurants in USA to take the lovable moms out for a meal.

#1. Rubios

Most of the Mums are extremely serious about foods. They are much concerned about the nutritional value, taste and benefits of the food. So, when it comes to take a mum to restaurant, you need to be very careful about the food that is served there.

Rubios is a place where you get excellent Baja-style fish tacos and Mexican seafood. They present their food in such a special manner that your mom will fall in love with it. The food tastes excellent and is absolutely fresh and delightful. They use balanced spices in their food which make the food more special and mouth watering. I am sure she will praise your choice of restaurant and bless you.

#2. Barefoot at Oasis in the Mandarin Oriental

A fantastic restaurant to take your mother for a meal! The food that is served here is not only delicious but exceptionally good for your appetite. Since moms are quite concerned about health and diet, they will obviously like a place where they can get both healthy and delicious food.

Take her to Barefoot at Oasis in Mandarin Oriental and see how you bring a smile on her face. As starters, you will get Oysters, Toro Tuna, Silver and Gold egg etc. In the main course, you will get Smoked Octopus, Carnaroli Onion Risotto, Kobe Beef Tartare etc. In desserts, you will get Illy Espresso, Cappuccino, French press etc. Surprise your mom by taking her to this restaurant.

#3. Olive Garden

A perfect restaurant to take your to! The menu card itself will give you the answer that why you must opt for this restaurant. Spicy Calabrian Chicken, Italian Cheese stuffed meatballs, Classic Calamari, Fried Mozzarella, Lasagna Fritta, Crispy Risotto bites, etc. These tasty dishes will surprise you every minute in the restaurant and tickle your taste buds everytime. They not only serve good food, but the services that they provide are also absolutely heart warming.

With great service they provide awesome food. What more do you want? Your mom will be overwhelmed with the fantastic work you did.

#4. Ajiao Sichuan Cuisine

Does your mum like Chinese? If yes, this restaurant is best for her. They prepare excellent Chinese dishes starting from rice, noodles, vegetables prepared in different Chinese ways, sea foods etc. Prepared with perfect accuracy and love, they serve you the best Chinese in New York.

If your mom is of Chinese origin, she will absolutely love the foods prepared here. Rather she will be surprised seeing that a restaurant can prepare Chinese food of the same standard as she prepares at home. Bring your mom to Ajiao Sichuan Cuisine and make her taste exclusive Chinese preparation. This will be a great surprise for her and tears of joy will roll down her eyes.

#5. Ajanta Cuisine of India

Want to surprise your mom with something spicy and traditional? Then, take her to Ajanta Cuisine of India, located at Oklahoma City. Indian foods are always spicy and delicious. Give your mom a surprise of taste, and let her savor her taste buds with dramatical Indian spices. Slowly, she will fall in love with the food.

With service providers being purely Indians and welcoming you with warm hearts, this place truly transports you to India. Different North Indian foods like, Samosas, Malai Kofta, Naan, Butter Chicken, Butter Panner, Rice etc. are exclusively available here. If your mom is an Indian, she will obviously love it. But if not, even then she will like the food available here.

#6. Casa Ole

Mexican moms are very particular about the food. Yes they are! Perfect spices, perfect salt and perfect sugar is very important about their food. So, to satisfy the Mexican mom, you need to graciously satisfy their taste buds. If you can do this, only then your Mexican mom will be satisfied.

Mexican moms are very good at cooking tasty dishes, and they do it for you every day. So, now it’s your turn to let her enjoy pure Mexican food without her doing any effort. The stuffed avocado is their specialty. Bring your mom to this restaurant and you will see how she praises you for your selection of the restaurant.

#7. Alba Osteria

Purely Italian cuisine with exclusive Italian flavors are presented in Alba Osteria. Mums from Italy will just love this place. Moreover, who doesn’t like Italian dishes? You can find meat balls, cheese, sweet corn, spicy shrim and much more here. This restaurant will give you the ultimate pleasure of enjoying Italian dishes.

Moms are always very special and you must treat them as queens. Mother’s Day is special indeed, but you can show love and care to your mother every day. When you will be taking your mom in any of these restaurants, she will jump up with joy and just love it from the heart.

How Data Analytics Can Help Determine Your Next Business Strategy?

Today’s business market has more competition to face, compared to what it used to be couple of years back. While customers are the king of all decisions and choices, businesses are eager to know everything about their relevant targets in advance so that they can survive the internet marketing rage.

Luckily, with the ever growing digital age, new adaptation of technology and more engagement with social media platforms, there appears to be no dearth of data that businesses can extract and make good use of in their internet marketing strategy. Besides, data today is not simply confined to just velocity and volume, but can be classified according to variety, complexity and variability that play an important role by giving companies information about competitors, demographics, market trends, customer traits and even economic shifts.


With a single purchase transaction detail, an ecommerce store would be able to make a better suggestion relevant to what the customer is looking for, the next time he/she visits the place. An authentic customer review assures a buyer regarding the quality of the service or the product that he will purchase. With targeted business listing, businesses can track down the region where there is scope for a potential consumer market. An optimized search engine placement will give customers information, relevant to what they are looking for in the internet.

This is Big Data, and how does data analysis play a vital role in a business strategy today?

Here are the reasons that explain the relevance of data analysis in a business strategy –

#1 – Better Business Performance

An analysis of big data helps you to understand the factors that make your organization work. The findings of the analysis will guide you with your strategy plan and help you make your business grow stronger and smarter.

#2 – Understanding Market Sentiments

Data analytics brings you a complete presentation of the customer behavior history in the market. This lets you decide whether your internet marketing strategy is right and how you would like to take it further for better conversion.

#3 – Tracking Down of Competitor Strategy

With big data, you understand what is trending in the market at present and how your competitors are behaving to customer reactions. You might follow the same pattern or maybe think about a better idea that will make you surpass your rivals in the competition.

#4 – Minimize Promotion Plan Risks

Taking wrong decisions is one of the major risks and businesses often suffer from wastage of time, energy and resources due to wrong decisions. This can be minimized especially in connection to promotional works, for with data you can easily identify any potential opportunities available in the region where you are working, or target particular market segments at the right time and within a suitable age group.

#5 – Engaging Social Media Presence

Your social media campaign becomes more engaging when you know whom and how you are going to approach. This improves your social media optimization strategy so that you can monitor your presence and make a better engagement with your audience and target communities.

#6 – Welcome New Plans

When you are able to understand your consumer needs, innovation begins. And this is where data analysis plays the key role, and you can utilize this information to improve your services or maybe introduce a new campaign altogether.

Big data analytics indeed has a major role to play in an age where the epicenter of market trends tends to shift continuously and businesses need to keep a track of the market in order to win the game.

Is Social Media Important For The Growth Of A Startup?

Someone who is familiar with Internet marketing should know and thoroughly comprehend that a social media presence is something which decides the future of a business. Google and other search engines have already started taking social media signals (like, two-way interaction, number of shares, etc.) as a major parameter to judge the authority of a website. As social media has a power of this magnitude, every business should make it a point to utilize it to its fullest potential. And this strategy holds true more for the startups as they face constant competition from the “big dogs” of the market, and social media can become the perfect solution for their growth.

How can social media come in aid of a startup? Well, every startup owner must understand this clearly: social media consists of 3building blocks. And it is these 3 building blocks which can act as the founding pillars of a startup’s online presence.

I. Credibility Building

The hardest challenge faced by a startup is gaining the trust of people. After all, it is a startup and people will find it hard to take it seriously. An active social media presence is helpful in establishing a startup as a source of expertise. One must take full advantage of popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. A startup must make it a point to create original, relevant and useful content and share them on these sites. It must also share latest industry news and engage in conversations on relevant topics. Once people will start noticing your strong grasp over your domain, they will automatically start valuing your opinions.

II. Relationship Building

A startup has a limited network, and social media interactions help in expanding it. There is ample chance to use social media in finding relevant people and companies. As it has been pointed out earlier, make sure you interact with them, and participate in relevant group discussions. This interaction will help you build relationships with people and companies that share similar interests. In the same way, a startup can use social media to find new talent or engage with investors.

III. Knowledge Building

Social media will also help a startup by offering customers a chance to give reviews and feedbacks. Not only will these feedbacks and reviews help in adjusting the future strategies, social media platforms are an also great podium that allows a startup to see what its peers and competitors are doing. Social media gives startups the chance to increase its knowledge base by discovering trending topics and listening to latest industry chatter. In short, social media is a cost-effective research tool for startups.


However, a startup must also realize that social media engagement does not always mean a high conversion rate. Social media only helps a startup build an active community of potential users. It is a fount of marketing – the voice and personality of a company. And the success of a startup depends on how well it can harness the power of social media.

How Are You Going To Manage Your Online Marketing Efforts?

Success in business does not always come from raw and brute will power. A proper strategy and a sufficient amount of intelligence are also required to help you take things to the next level. As me and my partners sat down everyday to scrutinize the web presence of our company in the past, only we know how much we had struggled with our online marketing efforts. None of us has been too much familiar with SEO, PPC and their relatives. But it was getting pretty evident that they’ll play a vital role in shaping up how we do business in future.

We soon realized that going for an outsourced marketing team will not only save our asses but also give us the time to focus on other valuable aspects. This maneuver did work effectively, and I feel proud to announce that our company is now a pretty big thing. This is one valuable tip I leave for start-ups and small businesses that they should go for expert outsourcing when it comes to online marketing.

Before I move forward though, there is one very important thing I would like to pinpoint on. Hiring an expert team of online marketers is one thing, but managing them is a different thing altogether. You MUST keep these following tips in mind in order to get the desired result from the outsourced marketing team:

#1. Make Good Use of Google Analytics: You need a reliable web-analysis method, and what is better than Google Analytics. Setting it up is no rocket science. And whether you spend money with Google or not, there is absolutely for you to not have an account. Use Google Analytics to track down the conversions, and use it to know what is attracting visitors to your website.

#2. Keep On Scanning: Keep your eyes open all the time. No, your success is no longer equivalent with good web traffic only, you have to keep your eyes on everything. Constantly look for areas you can improve on and try to strengthen them; rather than just looking for the end goal of a sale. Keep a close watch on how you are getting the traffic (from direct referrals or specific blogs), keywords and content of links.

#3. Finding the Sweet Spot: Get one thing absolutely clear. You have two great indicators which can help in understanding whether you are at a suitable place in the SERPs – the cost per click and the average rankings. The no.1 paid spot also comes with a few disadvantages. So, monitor your cost per conversions very efficiently as SEM and PPC campaigns should never be “all or nothing”.


There is also one other thing you can try. Instead of going for monthly marketing results, why don’t you make it quaterly or yearly? Internet marketing doesn’t come into effect immediately, and it takes a considerable amount of time to grow. Give a little breathing space to your outsourced marketing team, and let them try out what they want to try out.

Raise Your Game & Introduce Star Ratings On Your Website

You have surely seen some posts in the SERP rankings with review ratings. What do we do when ever we see these ratings? Perhaps we don’t click on the links straight away, but you all will agree with the fact that these orange-colored stars make these posts look more appealing and readable.

So when you add the hReview functionality in your business website, customers get the chance to rate your products or services based on the experiences they had while working with you. Do you think these ratings are just for fun? It only will let you know how acceptable you are to your customers, but also have the power to influence search engine results.

Let’s explain this with an example.

When searched in Google using the term “Is Radio Effective”, only the 4th result on the first page will be shown to have a star rating. It’s ranked in the 4th place and people might already find the data they are looking for in a higher-ranked post. However, the sheer presence of a star rating will make 8 out of 10 people to click on the post, and see what is written inside. Moreover, search engines have focused on producing the most relevant results for the entered queries. And these ratings act as signals which increase the chance of fetching better SERP rankings.

The more number of times your business gets rated, the more chances you have of getting catapulted to Page One of search engines.

However, there is one very important thing you need to keep in mind too. A customer can rate on a particular product or service only once. This is actually a very useful way of authenticating the ratings. Some people might choose to go on a rating spree in order to launch the popularity of a company. This one-rating-only formula spots fake ratings, and thus search engines becomes sure that they are indexing authentic results.

Just like feedback reviews, these star ratings help create a better brand representation in from of potential customers? So just take a little time off and plan a little with the web development team. Include the star ratings and watch your business take off – just the way you wanted!