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Jeet Banerjee is a 19 year old serial entrepreneur, tech expert, author, blogger, consultant, and college student. He has created numerous startup companies and spends his time profiting from purpose. He is an expert in the internet marketing field and has helped many businesses find success online.

Marketing On Facebook? 5 Steps To Set Your Revenue Bells Ringing

When Mark Zuckerberg was creating Facebook, little did he know that this platform would change the dynamics of social networking and would revolutionize the modes of network and accessibility. Today Facebook boasts of more than 700 million users who are not just hooked but at the same time engaged to the virtual world of communication. With Facebook being the new addiction among the masses, planning business ideas based on this platform is not a bad idea either. After all, when in Facebook you know reaching out to your target audience becomes easy and interacting with them becomes fun.

Marketing on Facebook

Why Market Your Business on Facebook?

When you start your business obviously you have a lot of plans in mind. The first and foremost of them is to make it accessible to your target audience. And to do that you need a platform where people can reach out to you seamlessly. And Facebook is just the right option that ticks in all the right boxes. The perks of your business if you make its presence felt in Facebook:

  • Customer Interaction – Customers have certain queries that come across their mind before starting a deal but they often go unanswered because there is no place to pose such questions. Thanks to Facebook, customer queries gets answered and there is scope to develop client interaction. The frequency with which you answer the questions also add value to your business. Direct conversation through comments and posts also makes you accessible.
  • Business with a Personal Touch – One of the biggest reasons for people to love Facebook is because it allows users to stay in touch. Similarly, when doing business, stay tuned with Facebook and build a relation with your clients and potential customers. The personal touch creates a whole new opportunity for you to design a very personal image about your business in the eyes of your clients. A more personal interaction with your client always helps.
  • A Fan Base and a Set of Followers – Having a strong fan base always helps your customers to know about any new updates that your business is making that might be of some benefit to them. Promotional campaigns, contests and other such attractive incentives are a great way to keep them glued to you. These things will not just keep the interest among your fans alive but will also help you to increase the number of followers and fans.
  • Facebook Ads – We all know that ads are a great way to boost up your sales and get in the revenue. A well crafted ad placed at the right position allows you to grab attention. And once you manage to get the eyeballs of your potential customers, getting the conversion is just a matter of time because you can target the ads on the basis of your target audience’s area of interest, their demographics, their level of education.
  • High Competition – Talk about neck-deep competition and your competitor’s are bound to have already made their presence on Facebook because of its wide reach. So you cannot be far off in times like this otherwise you would miss out on potential clients that your competitors would grab even if your services are way better than theirs. So keep your business in the spotlight for healthy competition and Facebook gives you that opportunity.

These 5 easy steps are probably the best and easy ways to stay in the game for the long run and make good use of the opportunity that Mark Zuckerberg had created just for casual chatting.

Are Your Users Irritated With You? – Networking Trends That Irritate Them

So you have read up all the important dos and don’ts of how to create that perfect social networking profile that would pump up the sales of your business. Anxious to get the “revenue” you finally see that there has not been much improvement in terms of traffic and visitors. Wondering what went wrong? You are surely executing the trends that irritate your users and visitors. Before it is all too late, it is time to rectify the irritating trends and bring back the smile on their faces.

Annoying trends of networking sites

The popular networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have quite a few annoying habits that can irritate users to no end. If you share similar discomfort then this article will be a pleasant read for you and for those who still haven’t bumped into any such frowning then this is the alert that you must read.

  • Tweets Getting Stolen– If you like a particular tweet there is no need to downright copy-paste it in your profile just to let the world know that it is yours. The Retweet option is designed so that you can copy the tweet and at the same time give due credit to the person. The habit of stealing tweets is a big turn off so the sooner you stop it, the better.
  • Stop ‘like’ing Random Things– We all know that there is a “like” button in Facebook but that does not imply that you like every random thing that you set your eyes on. It is time you stop liking things which usually is absurd for people to like, for instance, a break up or a death in the family. Liking such things make you cynical and it comes across as very insensitive.
  • Wishes– Sending good morning flowers and good night hugs everyday is plain and simple annoying. Flowers and hugs are very precious and one should not send it so randomly because then the surprise it has vanishes. Nobody likes to receive the same old message and pictures everyday on Instagram because it tends to get monotonous and boring.
  • Hashtags– Facebook has introduced the hashtags but that does not imply you use it for anything that you wish to say. Hashtags are specifically meant to talk or discuss about a particular event. Excessive use of hashtags hits your eye when you use it unnecessarily.
  • Selfies – Yes that’s the word that has created quite a buzz among people and we have spotted celebs do the same. But let me tell you that this is plain and simple boring and after a point very annoying. If you come to think of it, what will your friends and followers do by seeing 6 to 8 photos of you pouting and tilting your head between 15 to 20 degrees. This is the height of narcissism specially when the person does not even have a pretty face, it is disturbing and people must stop doing it.

These are some of the recent yet very irritating trends that have started in some of the popular networking sites. If you are someone who practices these, stop immediately before people start ‘unfriend’ing you or ‘unfollow’ing you.

SEO or SEM or Are You Hungry To Strike The Perfect Balance Between Both?

“The success of a page should be measured by one criteria: Does the visitor do, what you want them to do?” as rightly put by Aaron Wall of SEObook.com is probably one of the easiest ways to describe the basic work and also the main goal of the SEO guys. Search Engine Optimization is not a new concept, but yes the way professionals work in this field today has undergone drastic changes. The road towards tasting success in search engine does not only have rough patches but is also very unpredictable and all this because Google constantly updates itself. In this constant effort to learn new things and keep your knowledge base updated continuously, it becomes quite a daunting task and a big challenge ahead. So, are people in two minds about which one to choose SEO or SEM? Surprisingly, these two broad concepts have their own set of differences and they provide great benefits to your website hence cannot be overlooked or avoided at any cost. Understanding the kind of impact that these two biggies have in the field of Internet marketing, let us focus on them individually to study intricately how they can help in increasing the online visibility and to drive in traffic.

Search Engine Optimization The work of SEO is to optimize your website with the use of relevant keywords in your content that helps your website to have higher rankings in the SERPs. The best thing about using relevant keywords is that they are found all over the web in contents, codes, to name a few areas where you can notice them. We are well aware about the kind of work a search engine is required to do but what many have often overlooked a couple of years ago was the gradual emergence of the social media sites which help tremendously in getting us the much talked about visibility across the web. What you must do from here on is to chalk out strategies that can also in the power social media boasts of. We all know updating your website constantly helps Google to give you higher rankings, but the icing on the cake is, when every update of yours also gets updated in your social media profiles helping people in your social networking accounts to know about it. Constant updates manages to impress Google.

Search Engine Marketing The focus of SEM along with SEO remains the same just that their policies and ways of implementation are slightly different. To begin stating the differences, it is safe to say that the results cannot be reached with the help of an organic search. SEM does not rely on using keywords but it focuses on paid advertising like PPC and the popularity of the links. They try to emphasize on the ads that they publish online to get in the traffic as well as to generate revenue for their business. When it comes to SEM it is important for people to remember that there is a considerable amount of financial investment required for it to work effectively and to get the desired results.

The right balance of both The biggest problem of having both SEM and SEO is that they require a financial stability but the right strategies and the effective execution of those strategies need to suit your pocket first. To have a successful campaign, it is critical that you clearly form a plan with special mention of the monetary transaction required. Such strategies are subject to a lot of modification so that the company is able to come up with the best plan that will not just be effective but will also be low on their pockets. We all know that SEO is an ongoing process and one needs to constantly work on keeping the rankings of the websites high. But SEM on the other hand requires a higher amount of money that at times becomes a bit too much for the company. In such a scenario it is suited to get the initial start and get the profit counters ringing and eventually when the financial stability of the company is back, one can obviously stop their SEM plans and work just on SEO to keep the business afloat with reasonable profit and no bulk expenditure.

After reading this, if you are hungry to strike the perfect balance between these two, then go ahead and make the most of the opportunity.

How Can A Giant Retain Its Startup Cultures?

Every business starts as a startup, taking slow but steady steps towards its target. While some lose hope midway, others succeed in crossing the finishing line with flying colors. But you know what I feel, or try to implement in my own business? No matter how big a giant a business becomes, it is best for it to retain its startup cultures. The ability to retain the hard work and the fun while growing so quickly year-over-year is actually the best way to preserve the hunger to achieve bigger milestones.

The focus should be to avoid becoming sedate and staid. Your customers must never feel that you’ve become too conventional as a brand. And this is the reason why you should never let go of your startup cultures. Here’s what your business, as a giant, should always try to do.

Startup CultureImage Inspiration: The Startup Kids

Act like an Underdog

Forget about the phenomenal profits your organization is making! What’ll happen if everything crumbles down one fine day? Therefore, you should never let the fire within your employees extinguish. Reward your employees who are going that extra mile for the betterment of your organization. Conveying this enthusiasm to your customers, like you used to do in the old days, is of an equal importance too.

Hire Smartly

Getting the right people into your organization is the most important thing. You, as the entrepreneur, should actively participate in setting up the criteria for the hiring procedure of every department. It’s not essential for every new employee to be MBA-smart; however, they should be smart, intelligent, helpful, and must have every entrepreneurial quality. The educational backgrounds or the previous qualifications shouldn’t matter; it all comes down to the presence of mind and a glutton for success.

Communicate more Informally

When you started the journey as a startup, I’m sure that conversations between you and your co-founders were a lot different than what they are now. While you all maintain a top-down corporate attitude these days, meetings used to be looking up from the computers and chat very casually. Get out of the conference room culture; a small huddle near the coffee machine is much more effective. Try to understand what not only your partners but also your employees are feeling. When they’ll feel heard, they will continue to exhibit positive job satisfaction.

Focus on Fun

Work shouldn’t be all drab – sitting in front of a computer all day. Have you forgotten that work used to be fun at one point of time? Where are the off-site retreats, happy hours, and Friday fun activities now? You should never forget that having fun relaxes the mind, and a relaxed mind can focus on work in a much better way.

No matter how much you’ve grown, some things should be left changed in their simplest levels. Only then can you reap the rewards of being a great entrepreneur and an awesome employer.

4 Tips To Gradually Increase Your Local SEO Performance

One of the golden rules (and perhaps, the most important one too) of local SEO campaign management is to never let your guard down. You are sure to land your local business into a soup if you rest on your laurels and allow your rivals to catch up.

You must never stop your optimizing efforts! Why? Because even a highly-optimized local SEO campaign has the potential of delivering a better incremental result. And the basic of a continuous optimization is a solid foundation. Once you have everything in place, it is time for you to investing in your local SEO campaign to improve the results even further. How will you get this done? Here are 4 handy tips:

1.Yahoo Local

You shouldn’t just rely on Google when working on increasing your online reach. Yahoo always had a loyal customer base, and you must harness its power. The biggest benefit of listing your local business in Yahoo Local is that it has lesser competition than Google.

2.Google+ Optimization & Promotion

But whatever it is, you just cannot do away with local SEO without Google. The best way of going about this is merging a location’s Google+ Local page with its Google+ Business page. Once you are done, it’s time to promote the Google page of your business. One of the best ways is to connect the page with your AdWords campaign.

3.Yelp Optimization

Yelp is the most reputed and well-liked local business listing website. It is not only an efficient tool in bringing a local business on the map, but it also offers real and noteworthy customer reviews. If you are on Yelp and doing a great job with your customers, chances are high that you’ll be found more on the result pages.

4.Video Production & Optimization

Why not use YouTube channels when it comes to video marketing? It is important to have a proper (and relevant) story to tell in your videos. It’s a smart move to geo-tag the videos and integrate them into the Google+ optimization strategy of your business. moreover, you can also integrate these videos in your Yelp listing as well.