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7 Ways to Get More Customer Reviews for Your Business
By Robert Wilson | June 29, 2016

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In most of the cases it has been seen that customers are not that willing to give reviews about the business they availed. It is very much necessary that you provide them reasons so that they write reviews about your business. The reviews whether good or bad, helps a lot in improving the business.

There are three types of customers:

(i). Customers those who do not want to review your business, may be because they hate it
(ii). Customers those who do not know how to review your business
(iii). Customers are very lazy to review your business.

If you are not a known brand with something really special, majority of the people won’t come to see what your latest products are. In the same way, if you provide services to people, like an online business listing company, you will find people writing reviews only when they find something bad about you.

None of the above are good for your business, specially if you wish people see good reviews about you while they are searching for your business online. If customers find no reviews then they may lose interest in your business and opt for the next option available. and if they find negative reviews then they will move away from your business.

So, it is necessary for you to get your customers convinced that they need to write reviews about you.

Here are some ways in which you can get your customers write reviews for your business:

#1. Ask your customer: When you go to a restaurant, the waiter serving food to you asks you whether the food is good or not. Then you give your reviews to him. In the same manner, it is necessary for the business owners to ask their customers about their services, hospitality and requirements. only then the customers will give you their reviews.

#2. Keep a follow-up through email: When a customer avails a service from you, ask for their email ids. In this manner you can connect to your customers through email and ask them to leave a feedback. This will make your customers stay connected to you and you will also be able to get reviews to improve your business.

#3. Make the reviews useful: While your customers review your products, suggest them some new products that they may like. In this way, your customers will be willing to buy more products from you and will give you some more good reviews.

#4. Create a focus group: Before you launch your product in the market, create an interest in the minds of the customers. Let your customers write reviews about your product. Give them free samples. When they will start writing reviews about your product online, other people will see those reviews and your demand will increase.

#5. Let people write reviews on your website: When you allow people to write reviews on your website, Then they get directly linked to you. Once they get directly linked to you, you come to know what your customers want from you. It helps you and your customers in a huge manner.

#6. Use QR codes to get customer reviews: QR codes are an effective means to get your customers review your product or service. Some online platforms like Yelp, Brownbook and Vintelli generate QR codes through which a customer can directly visit the website of a business listed there and review it. For customers, reviewing a business through QR codes is simple, fast and convenient.

#7. Creating an urge to review: Customers are too lazy to review your business, what you can do to increase their interest is that, st a contest where the best review will get awarded and the others will get consoling prizes. This will increase the amount of good reviews in your site.

These are a few great ways in which you can get your customers review your business. Customer reviews are very important for a business. It helps your business grow and creates a bond between the customers and the business owner.

About the Author

Robert Wilson is a Customer Engagement & Retention Advisor for Local Businesses at Vintelli, a next generation mobile and web directory application. In his 5 years of experience in this field, he has assisted many local businesses in engaging customers, increasing customer loyalty and retaining customers. Robert is counted on when it comes to crafting strategies to drive up customer loyalty.

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