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3 Effective Tips to Achieve Success in Local Business
By Jessica Blunt | November 4, 2015

A key aim of the marketing strategy of any small business is to create a position for its brand in the search engine results. However, can you dominate the search results with the help of content you control, or with content you have influenced? YES. You can effectively enhance your visibility in the search results by using quality content and coverage. To make your local business a success, you need to know the right strategies that would get you the desired results.

Local Business Tips | Vintelli

Below appear some invaluable tips that can help your business get an impressive position in the search results:

1. Optimize the information on your website properly

Your business site is one of your most valuable and important online assets. So, make sure that your site is optimized well so that it shows high in the search results.

  • Come up with a domain name showing your business location and business type. For instance, Billy’s Bakery, a bakery chain in New York, has the domain name “” that includes all the necessary elements.

  • Include keywords on the page title identifying with your business location, services and type.

  • Include the name, phone number and address of your business not only in the contact page or homepage, but also in every individual page of the website.

  • Apart from outlining your offerings, make sure the site copy has as much of information about your locality as possible, to associate your business further with your vicinity. For instance, note the region of the town where you are, the sports team playing in that region or the park around the corner. Such added details would not only make your site better for the customers, but would also enhance your search visibility in the form of a local business.

2. Update, build out and secure your business listings on the local websites

A highly effective tactic of boosting local SEO is to make sure that the listing information of your business is available and consistent across different third-party sources. These sites are constantly scanned by Google and the other search engines to create a solid understanding of your business and the local web.

If your business is not listed, or your business information is inaccurate or incomplete, your business’s position in the search results may diminish or get impacted negatively.

  • Search the prominent local listing websites like Yellowbook, Google, Facebook and Dexknows to make sure that your company is listed in them, and your business address, phone and name are accurate and consistent. Make the necessary changes and remove the duplicate pages. If you want something more than just online visibility, list your business in Vintelli. Vintelli is an innovative mobile and web directory that not only provides your business more visibility, but also calculates your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) based on customer reviews on various platforms. This CSI can help you build customer trust and get more sales.

  • Build your listing using your website URL, videos, photos and other important information to make your business listing more appealing and informative to prospective customers.

  • In case your business operates in multiple locations, make different listings for every location on your site for enhancing your brand’s visibility as well as that of each store of your business.

3. Employ a proper link strategy

Links to other websites from your website and vice versa, contribute to the SEO visibility of your business, as they establish your business’s credibility and authenticity. However, using unrelated links would damage your visibility over time.

  • Share links to the site consistently through Twitter, Facebook and other such social networks, and encourage people to pass the information.

  • Add links to the site in your email newsletters and any other updates to your customers.

  • Sponsor or host local events, or offer discounts to neighborhood students. Then, ask the charity organizations, local chamber of commerce, the neighborhood businesses and your other partners to provide links to your site while discussing those activities.

So, implement these tips today in your digital marketing strategy to offer exposure to your local business. These techniques would help you take your small business to the next level.

About the Author

Jessica Blunt works as a Local Business Reputation Manager at Vintelli, a next generation mobile and web directory application. In her 7 years of experience in Reputation Management, she has partnered many local and small-scale businesses to help them attain a high level of online visibility and recognition. Jessica is an expert at creating an impressive image of local businesses in the minds of their audiences.

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