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10 Best Restaurants in Santa Ana to have a Weekend Blast
By Jessica Blunt | April 23, 2016

best santa ana restaurant

PROJECTS! DEADLINES! TENSIONS – These are the three devils that dance over your head from Monday to Friday. No breaks, no excuses , no nonsense, only serious and sincere work! Boomed and banged with these three devils all throughout the week, you deserve a lovable, cozy, refreshing and partying weekend.

You may be a housewife, a student or office goer. Whatever role you are playing in the society, you are definitely doing a great job. As we all know , “All work and no play make jack a dull boy”, similarly only work and no refreshment will just make you dull and boring.

Why not hang out in your favorite restaurants in Santa Ana?

After a stressful week, pamper yourself with some great food, good restaurants and be with your family and friends. This will energize you and get you ready for another busy week ahead.

Different restaurants tell different stories, some food depicts the culture while others so uniquely surprise your taste buds. The services, foods and the interiors of few restaurants are really good and leave an everlasting mark in your heart and mind.

Here is a list of top 10 restaurants in Santa Ana where you can go and enjoy with your friends and family during the weekends.

#1. 50 Forks

50 forks

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Run by the culinary students of Orange Country C.A , this restaurant stands out to be one of the best restaurants in Santa Ana. Being a cooking school’s restaurant, a lot of innovation is regularly being tested in the foods. The students are dedicated to cooking new food and therefore, the menu changes on a regular basis.

Not only the food , the presentation is also praiseworthy. The food is prepared with utmost love and care , so when you taste it , it touches your heart. Cuisines like American, Californian, Cafe, Contemporary and French are greatly served in this restaurant. With heartwarming service, decent interiors and good parking space, this restaurant has become one of the most happening places to go on the weekends. It is possible that you do not get a place here without pre-booking during the weekends. Make sure you book a table beforehand so that you can enjoy your weekend here.

#2. Albertos Mexican Food

Albertos Mexican Food

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A beautiful paradise of Mexican food, with a lot of mouth watering dishes in their menu. If you love Mexican food you will surely like the place. They claim to be open for 24hrs a day. They serve the food with good table manners and give no chance to the customer to complain. It is a good place to have a meal with family or friends on the weekends.

#3. Antonello Ristorante

Antonello Ristorante

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Specialized in preparing fantastic Italian dishes since 1979, their new innovative Italian dish Cucina Nostalgica Italiana is very famous and it is always in their hit menu. The authentic Italian dish is made with fresh ingredients and only the executive chefs prepare the dish. Occasionally, they take help from the owner and the family.

Worldwide restaurant critics have praised the dishes listed in Antonello’s menu card. They not only prepare excellent dishes but also have an award winning collection of wine. They proudly display their wine collection and attract all the wine lovers throughout the world. They also have eight private dining rooms in various sizes and people of any age group will just love the place because of its food and arrangements. So, if you are planning for a weekend out with your loved ones, you can obviously opt for this place to taste authentic Italian cuisine, combined with award winning wine.

#4. Auntie Annes Pretzels

Auntie Annes Pretzels

If you are in a mood of chilling out with your friends on a Sunday morning or afternoon, the best place to hang out with simple and light food is Auntie Annes Pretels. Here you will get Sweet and Savoury Pretzels, Dips, Soft Drinks including Dutch Ice Frozen Drink, ice cream, Pretzel Dogs, Fresh Lemonade, Coffee, Sweets (cinnamon sugar, vanilla sugar pretzels, almond, glazin raisin, and vanilla) and Savoury (jalapeno, sour cream, original, sesame, garlic, salt and pepper pretzels). Simple and tasty food, friendly chit-chats and a morning without any workload – the best thing that you can ask for in the weekend.

#5. Baris Pasta and Pizza

Baris Pasta and Pizza

Pasta, pizzas, beverages and desserts just complete the meal. If nothing feels good and you want something simple without much innovation and experiment, then come to this place where you will get good quality food, served at your convenience and request. They have a huge list of different pizzas, pasta, sandwich, beverages on their menu. You can order anything you like in this list. Enjoy simple and fresh food at reasonable price and the best part is you can also order it online and enjoy your weekends at home with some really great food.

#6. Burrells BBQ

Burrells BBQ

If you are a non veg lover , then this is the place for you. Fleshy and meaty dishes are prepared with excellent accuracy and taste. Sometimes we feel like eating something spicy and juicy . Especially in the weekends, we can afford to eat something heavy because we do not need to think of working hard. BBQ’s chicken is famous and most of the non-vegetarians love it. So if your heart is pounding for some non-veg then none other than BBQ is the best place for you to reside during the weekends.

#7. Casa Oaxaca

Casa Oaxaca

If you love Oaxacan food, then this is the best place for you to go in Santa Ana. They serve you with the best kind of Oaxacan foods and beverages. Weekends are always special and therefore you are allowed to eat something really special and unique in the weekends. Visit this place to twist and turn your taste buds to something new and different.

#8. Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican grill

It is a chain of fast food restaurants all throughout US, UK, France, Italy and Germany that specializes in burritos and tacos. Loved by most of the fast food lovers, this restaurant is no doubt one of the best. If you want to munch on some tasty fast foods in your weekends, then straight away visit Chipotle and satisfy your taste buds. Foods here are fresh and tasty.

#9. India Tandoori Fastfood

India Tandoori Fastfood

Asian foods are always a kind of food that tickles the taste buds. In India Tandoori Fastfood, you get all kinds of Indian, fast food, Pakistani, Middle eastern and Asian food. All kinds of spices and fusions are experienced in the kinds of foods they offer. Experience the exotic Asian cuisine by tasting the foods here. To be here with the friends and family during the weekends is always a beautiful experience.

#10. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

After all that heavy foods and fries, it’s time for something smooth and relishing. What can be better than a Dairy Queen’s ice cream and its signature shakes. It’s a grill and chill restaurant, where you can have something hot and spicy grilled, and also soft and cold ice creams and shakes. Weekends fun can be completed right out here. Depending on your mood , you can end your weekend with hot and spicy or chilled and smooth, as you wish.

So here is the concluding part of this tasty ride, but before concluding let us recapitulate about all the dishes and restaurants we discussed here. Here you can see that a brief world of delicious food has been presented before you. Foods from all over the world that you love to munch on is listed here. Now your weekends will no more be boring, rather your taste buds will have a blast of tastes every weekend!

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