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How Reviewing Businesses Online can help Customers Get Better Services
By Robert Wilson | August 24, 2016

Your reviews have a significant value for any business owner, whose products / services were availed by you. When you review online, not only you but the business owner also gets benefited. You speak of either your grievances or good experiences, and both are equally important for the business. Good reviews attract more customers while Read More

5 Steps to Boost the Visibility of Local Business Online
By Jessica Blunt | July 22, 2016

The question that is hovering in your mind right now is, why is online visibility of any local business so important? The simple answer to your question is – fast reach to a vast number of people. In the present age of computers and Internet, having a high online visibility gives you the most access Read More

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7 Ways to Get More Customer Reviews for Your Business
By Robert Wilson | June 29, 2016

In most of the cases it has been seen that customers are not that willing to give reviews about the business they availed. It is very much necessary that you provide them reasons so that they write reviews about your business. The reviews whether good or bad, helps a lot in improving the business. There Read More

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7 Incredible Restaurants to Take Your Mom To
By Jessica Blunt | May 9, 2016

There are not enough words in a dictionary to describe a mother. Words and emotions seem to fall short while talking about mothers. Mother is the true description of pure love. Your mental and emotional strength is the mother who brought you up so well. It’s natural, mothers have no cast, class or variation. They Read More

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10 Best Restaurants in Santa Ana to have a Weekend Blast
By Jessica Blunt | April 23, 2016

PROJECTS! DEADLINES! TENSIONS – These are the three devils that dance over your head from Monday to Friday. No breaks, no excuses , no nonsense, only serious and sincere work! Boomed and banged with these three devils all throughout the week, you deserve a lovable, cozy, refreshing and partying weekend. You may be a housewife, Read More

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Fantastic 4 Strategies of Online Branding For Your Business
By Robert Wilson | April 22, 2016

Online branding means exposing your brand on different levels of online marketing, specially focusing on social and search engines. This is the ultimate dream of any entrepreneur to see his business listed at the top of the search engine. But the process is a bit tricky and challenging , you need to plan and maintain Read More

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Biased or Unbiased: Why Not Judge Online Reviews By Its Words?
By Jessica Blunt | January 20, 2016

The internet has an immense contribution for enhancing the way people use it to perform daily activities like searching for information, shopping, engaging in social interaction, etc. Quite interestingly, this has resulted in the expansion of horizons beyond the real world and the coming together in sync with the virtual experience. So, standing in the Read More

Best Los Angeles Restaurants To Celebrate Fine Dining This Christmas 1
8 Best Los Angeles Restaurants To Celebrate Fine Dining This Christmas
By Jessica Blunt | December 24, 2015

Christmas happiness is getting a dinner reservation at a fine restaurant. Occasional treats like this do not happen everyday. In fact some of our fondest memories and best moments arise when gathered around the table, amidst great food and great company. Probably that is what the perks of dining in a fine restaurant are all Read More

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3 Effective Tips to Achieve Success in Local Business
By Jessica Blunt | November 4, 2015

A key aim of the marketing strategy of any small business is to create a position for its brand in the search engine results. However, can you dominate the search results with the help of content you control, or with content you have influenced? YES. You can effectively enhance your visibility in the search results Read More

How to Fight Fake Reviews and Build Better Brand Reputation Online
By Robert Wilson | October 29, 2015

We understand the harmful side effects that negative reviews can leave on your online business reputation and that is why our previous article was all about how can fake reviews ruin your local business for real. Whether it is in favor or against a particular business service, posting fake reviews is without doubt, a bad Read More

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